Monday, November 13, 2006

More Cables & A Trek For Nothing

Today I slept in a little, since went to bed late last night. I couldn't sleep, so I went into the den, knitted and watched Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and The Nine, all which I had on tape. I worked on the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, which I decided that with the Rowan All Season Cotton (Color 190 - which I am pretty sure has been discontinued), that I'm going to make it in a neck warmer for myself, and go buy Jamie some yarn (in Charcoal grey) to make the same pattern into a birthday scarf for him.

After getting up today, I took care of some things at home, and then I eventually got ready and headed out. I decided to go check out Effiloche, since their website said that they were open 11-7 today. Well - I got there, and they were closed. Ginette was there, but with most of the lights out and she was restocking shelves and stuff (it looks like they've gotten more stock since the last time I was there), and I am really mad that I didn't call before leaving the house. But you know what?? I figured that a new shop that has a website, that has the hours on it .... would be reliable. Wouldn't you think? I was really disappointed upon arriving there, feeding the meter, and then the shop being closed.

So, I made plans with Kadi, to go to both Effiloche and Mouline tomorrow. I am thinking about Zara Plus yarn in Charcoal for Jamie's scarf. (Since he doesn't like anything in my stash, this is a great excuse to go yarn shopping!)

So, since I was angry, I took a trip to Walmart, to do some feel better shopping. I needed a new pair of slippers (got fuzzy ones, yey!) and some strawberry jam for Jamie, and well, I wandered over to the yarn department (I refused to buy yarn there anymore, I'm a snob, what can I say?) and found these awesome knitting needles. They're plastic, but so FUN!

I got them in a few sizes (and each size was a different color). TOOOOOOO much fun. I also picked up for my SP9 pal the same pair as above, 8US/5mm, and have started putting together her Xmas package. They are just wicked. I still am dying to get my hands on a pair of Knit Lites, but I can wait on those. I don't even know what size I'd get.

Here is the progress of my Irish Hiking Scarf which is actually going to be a neck warmer (that's about as much yarn as I have):

I am loving this cables business. SOOOO cool. And, it doesn't take rocket science to do a cable.

Tomorrow morning I have a date with Gaz Met sometime between 8am - noon. I hope they don't show up at 8 am, but also, I hope they don't come to me at noon. Tomorrow night I have our hospital visit at the Montreal Jewish General, and Wednesday morning I decided I will go for my diabetes test (the one you're supposed to do at 24 weeks pregnant). I didn't feel like going this morning.

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Maggie said...

that would annoy me SO MUCH - to go to a store when it's website said it was open and find it closed!! gr.

there's a walmart just opened in guelph - i should see if they have those fun needles! would be nice for some xmas packages i'm putting together.. (i've only been once so far, but was with a friend who HATES walmart and wanted to be in and out as quick as she could :P i'm going to have to figure out how to take the bus up there..)