Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Breastfeeding Dream

So today I decided I wanted to do a meme, but I haven't really been enamored with the meme's I've seen people playing these days so I went and found this: This is the MY LIFE. MY BLOG. meme taken from those American Express ads from's blog. You know the ones that feature someone famous filling out a form? Well, here's the form. Download it. Fill it out (the handwriting is what makes it cool.) Then scan it or take a picture of it.

Click on the image to view it in larger.

Zeus was acting cute again. Gotta love my ripped to shred basement couches. (I cant wait to one day get new ones!) So please ignore their ugliness.

I was NOT happy with my 33 week belly shots from the bathroom at UCbaby last Thursday. So I re-did them. Soon enough I'll have to do my 34 week belly shots (tomorrow!)

I feel like I've got a watermelon in my belly. No longer a basketball, but a watermelon. Didn't my mother once tell me that if I ate the seeds I'd grow a watermelon in my belly? LOL...

Last night or rather probably early this morning, I had a dream about breastfeeding. All I remember is that my son was latching on good, and I was a pro. I knew what to do. At least this was a good dream, and not a bad one! I probably would have been even more freaked out if this had been a bad dream. I actually feel more confident now about breastfeeding because of this dream. I know I can do it - I know Sean will be way happier of a baby being breastfeed, so that's the plan. And I feel good. I swear to god I thought I was going to wake up and my nipples would be leaking. Some women start leaking from their breasts before 33 weeks, and some, not til the end of their pregnancy, others, not until after they give birth, and some, never are able to produce for their babies.... I was a little relieved that I didn't have leaky nipples this morning, but I hope that I will be able to produce when the time comes. I'm not worried though. In my eyes, as silly as this sounds, I have the perfect breasts for breastfeeding. I'm not inverted, and I have big enough ones... lol... hee hee. Okay, enough about my breasts....!

Today, I slept in, even though I had set my alarm. I was planning on going to go, but Aqua class didn't happen this morning. And since my membership expires on Tuesday, I will not be able to attend any of the Wednesday morning ones, which I actually never made it to. I plan on going to Aqua tomorrow night, and then headed over to a friend's house for dinner. The Monday, I'll go to Prenatal Aqua, and then for December, I'll buy the daily pass for the class on Monday night's only. I'll go to the 3 Monday night classes (4th Monday is Xmas, so there is no class) and then we'll see about the second Monday in January (first Monday is New Years' Day, so I'm sure they're closed). January 8th may be pushing it, if I'm due the 11th - but we'll let Sean tell me if I can go or not! And then after my pregnancy, we'll see if I do PostNatal Aqua (same class). But I wouldn't start it for a while anyhow. So I was debating renewing my membership at 30$ a month, and then freezing my account, but I don't think it's worth it - if they'll even freeze my account for a bit. The girl in charge of that called me back this morning but I was still sleeping and didn't answer the phone (I wasn't getting out of bed to answer it). There was no moving me this morning. I was a dead weight until about 2pm!

Putzed around for about an hour upon getting up, and then I went out to do errands.

First, I dropped off my previous tenant's mail. They moved out July 1st, 2006 and I'm still getting mail for them. I really don't care getting mail for them still, since they did technically move about 4 houses down but on the next street, so it's really nothing to deliver their mail. The first time after they moved out, I called them and they picked it up, but the last time and this time, (after collecting mail for a few months), I dropped it off in their mailbox. I have no idea if the mail is that important or not, and I wasn't rushing to bring it over. I figured when there was enough of a pile, I'd drop it by.

Then, I went to the shopping center next to my house and mailed out my last thank you card from Sean's baby shower (I had one left to write from a gift that was received late), and I sent back to "return to sender" to Bell Canada from old tenant, the one that I kicked out in September. She is still getting mail from Hydro and from Bell. I bet you anything, she owes them money. But hey - that's not my friggin' problem. I just keep crossing out the envelope and writing in big black sharpie marker "RETURN TO SENDER" on the envelopes.

I then went into my favorite dollar store next door for some tins to bake my apple cake in tomorrow. I going to a girl's night at my friends house, and I'm making the cake. Cindy's making a lasagna and Vera's making a salad and some guacamole (mmmm, I'm craving guacamole). I'm going to bring along the movie The Break-Up (Jennifer Aniston), I hope no one has seen it!

After getting my tins, I went into the tabagie to check out the latest edition of Knit Simple for Anny's blog profile! There is an article in there and she's mentioned in it. Pretty damn cool! Anyhow, I didn't see anything really in there that I wanted the pattern for (and shouldn't be spending money like that anymore with a baby on the way) so I put it back, and walked out.

On my few steps from the tabagie to the grocery store, I ran into Jamie's Aunt. We talked for a bit, she couldn't believe how big my belly is - and we said we'd make plans for Chanukah to get the family together for dinner. Jamie's cousin Andra is 13 and a half now, and I told Jamie's Aunt that she's perfect babysitting age now! (12 is the legal age). Anyhow, by the time we would start needing a babysitter, and all that, Andra will be a little older than she is now, and a great babysitting candidate, and she lives around the corner practically (okay, a 5 minute car ride). I am sure she wouldn't mind making a few extra dollars!

I picked up apples for my cake (Macintosh), some nice looking bananas and another box of Marocs Clementines. The last box I bought last Thursday, we polished off last night. This new box, while good, isn't as good as the last box, unless I'm mistaken and just had a so-so one and there are better ones in the box... we'll see.

Next I decided to go to Zellers. I had a gift certificate for Sean, that I got at my baby shower, so I bought him a few things. I bought a Huggies gift set (that was on sale and sooo worth the price, because of the lotions and wipes, and ointments and stuff that was in there, and there was also the cutest tigger toy from winnie the pooh in it), and I got him a Spiderman garbage can for his room, and this really cute Lobster pop up laundry basket or toy basket thing. I'll have to photograph it once it's in his room (it's still in my trunk of my car as we speak).

Then I needed stuff for the house, and so I picked up Glad garbage bags, (80 count, because it's sooooo much more economical) and a 2 pack of contact solution (had a 1$ rebate coupon that expires Dec. 31st, 2006 but we're on our last bottle of solution so it was a need), 12 boxes of Zellers brand kleenex (with Jamie's allergies we seem to go through a lot of kleenex lately), toothpaste for Jamie (we each use a different brand), a body pillow for myself, since I know that my mother is NOT going to let me keep hers, I don't think, and it was on sale for 12$ and change, so I bought one. If she does let me keep hers, then I'll return the one I got today, no big deal. I also bought myself some blue ink pens since I have been having a huge trouble lately finding pens in my house, someone keeps eating up my pens! And also I got myself some Bamboo handles for the yarn that I got in Italy, to make a felted bag. It'll be a future project (too much going on right now!)

Here is a fun shot of my 12 new Papermate pens, which I hope no one takes! LOL (Yes, that mug was stolen from Picasso's restaurant at one of our late night stops there, many many years ago).... (Only a Montrealer would know what Picasso's is!)

And here are my new bamboo handles for my to-be Italian felted purse!

I emailed my ex's mother to find out the name of the Mohel (for my son's bris) that her daughter and son used for their boys (there are 3 boys between them) and in that email I asked her about the booth last night at the Mom Show, and if it was worth it (she was selling playmats & baby blankets). I have to share her response... I couldn't believe it...

"NO!NO!NO! Didn't sell one thing. Leona sold 1 frame at $10. The booth, or 1/2 booth that I had cost me $90, plus I bought bags for $15, stickers, labels, business cards, tissue, ribbon, and all the supplies to make the stuff. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper and neither is Leona. I probably spent about $300 or so on fabric! I will have to think hard about doing this again. Maybe I can set up a table on a corner to sell the stuff. I will have baby gifts for years!!!"

(Leona is my ex's wife. She makes picture frames and growth charts and that sort of thing).

Tonight for dinner I marinated Tilapia in teryaki sauce and made some roasted potatos. After dinner, I made gingerbread cookies (they turned out FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS).

I took a really long hot shower, which felt great on my muscles.

Habs won the hockey game tonight against the Minnesota Wild. We kicked their arse 4-2. GO HABS GO! I am very excited to be going to 3 games in the next 2 weeks. I'm going to the game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday night, November 25th, the game against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, November 28th, and then again for Jamie's birthday to see the game against the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday night, December 9th. I'll be sure to pack some knitting to bring along with me to games! GO HABS GO!

Alright, I'm going to go eat some gingerbread cookies, and drink some milk and hope to eventually fall asleep. If that doesn't work, I'm thinking about starting Season 1 of the Sopranos and perhaps getting comfy on the couch.... My sleeping is really out of whack right now, which sucks. But there is not much I can do about it at all. I'm just going with what my body is telling me feels right. And tossing and turning in bed, does suck.

I'll admit. I got NO knitting done today. Wasn't in the mood to knit. Maybe tomorrow.

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