Friday, November 17, 2006

What Will I Knit in Labor?

I forgot to download these photos to my computer last night, I took them yesterday, the start of my 33rd week of pregnancy. I don't really like them, so I think I'm going to do a new 33rd week "shoot", these pictures are from the bathroom on the same floor of the building were the UCBABY office is. Shitty lighting = shitty photography.

Love my purple sexy stretch marks, eh? I don't like them one bit... they're very upsetting.

I've been contemplating lately on what to pack in my labor hospital bag to knit during labor. I need something that doesn't require too much concentration, but, that will distract me at the same time from labor. I'm sure I'll find something. Anyone have any labor knitting stories to share?

Lil-Rose-Thorn gave me some advice, stating that maybe I could "threaten my family with my knitting needles" at the hospital, since I am a knitter... when I don't want visitors! Thanks Lil-Rose-Thorn!

Today, I woke up at 1pm. It ws fantastic to sleep in. Got woken up by Jamie who wanted to know if I wanted him to bring me home some lunch, from the most fantastic Souvlaki place in Montreal, Marathons, what a good husband I have.

Mmm, what my lunch delicious.

These cookies are from my tenants.
They were baked so that Jamie could help her with some stupidity:

Basically, she put her cat in her bedroom, so that she could vaccum her place (cat is afraid of the noise of the vaccum cleaner). Anyhow, she had the door handle locked from the inside, the cat got locked in the bedroom! Since she lives upstairs with her mother and daughter, with no men in the house - all the little things, she asks Jamie to fix things for her. LOL. I guess the cookies were to lure us to fix the door problem! LOL. I am sure the cookies were very good, but I'm not a lemon cookie fan, but Jamie said they were delicious!

Last night I finished the left hand Fetching Version 2 (my own interpretation):

And, today, I finished Fetching Version 2 for my right hand:

(It's really hard to photograph the "good hand" (I'm a righty)).

Aren't they beautiful? They're not exactly identical twins (the green and turquoise colorway is mixed up), but I still love them just the same. Now I have just over a ball of Noro left (but from two seperate balls) and am looking for that 1 Noro Skein hat pattern... (I'll google it tomorrow), that someone told me about. I think I'll make a matching hat to my gloves. Or close to it anyhow.

YEY! A finished object!

Oh - and a song that I've had stuck in my head for a few days now (from a commercial), I finally figured out what song it is. It's Mad World, by Tears for Fears, but it was re-done by this guy Gary Jules (Donnie Darko or something). So happy to have it downloaded and maybe now it will get out of my head!!


jeloca said...

A couple of 1 skein Noro hat patterns:,2025,DIY_13993_2276410,00.html


kadi said...

I used this pattern for a hat, it was one skein of Noro.

Maggie said...

very cute fetching! :) I enjoy the colours :)

lainehmann said...

Your tummy looks beautiful. I have stretch marks in the same exact place, and it is actually not too bad... they shrink down and anything under the belly button is pretty much hidden by a bikini bottom... So no worries!

You look so great, R!

Jennifer said...

Did you end up knitting during labor? And if so- what? I have been contemplating that exact thing lately.....