Saturday, November 25, 2006

Knitting Stuff I Love

Today I love:

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Watched some Survivor from Thursday night with Jamie and then some Sopranos Season 1, while knitting on the couch, of course. Then, I took a REALLY long hot shower, which felt nice on my belly & back, and then Jamie's sister arrived with our nephew. We hung out for a while, Jamie's sister showered and I watched some TV with my nephew.

Tonight Jamie and I went to the Habs game. We stupidly got creamed by the Philadelphia Flyers (4-2) and I think Huet should have been in nets, but no... it was Abby. It's possible that's why we lost. He let in some dumb goals. The game was fun though, until the end, when this little girl that was sitting next to me, spilled her coke on the floor, and it got all over the bottom of my purse. (The same purse that got coffee spilled on last night at the birthday party). I wouldn't care if this was a cheap purse that has no sentimental value to me, but it wasn't exactly inexpensive, and it was purchased in Le Havre, France while on my honeymoon. Next time, I think I WON'T take a purse to the hockey game. (But then what will I carry my knitting in?) I feel like I can't take my bags in public anymore, I tend to be a magnet for people spilling stuff on my bags! (On the plane to Europe, this kid in the seat in front of me, spilled his orange jus all over my brand new Roots bag that I got for the trip. I'm still debating whether to put it in the washing machine, not sure if it will get ruined or not. (I won't ever make that mistake again - OVERHEAD STORAGE BIN IT IS!) (Not that I will be flying again for a VERY long time..... maybe when my kids will go to College and move out we'll be able to take a vacation again!? LOL) Just kidding. (Actually, I've been to Europe 3 times in a 4 year span each time for the last 8 years (1998, 2002, 2006!), so I'm thinking that maybe in 4 years.... go back to Europe!) I'll keep dreaming though.. in color!

Alright, I'm heading upstairs to resume my spot on the couch to watch some more Season 1 of Sopranos, and knit! I have 15 days left until Jamie's 31st birthday, and I promised him his new scarf asap. I'm DISGUSTED by his last scarf, which I made last January, it's really ugly. Click here to see it. It's basically single crochet in cheapo acrylic yarn. (Ew, acrylic) Ok, I'm a bit of a yarn snob tonight, but really - it was CHEAP yarn. And the whole scarf is curling, and it's just ugly. I can't wait to give him his 40% baby suri, 50% merino, 10% cashmere Peru yarn scarf! Awwww, I'm jealous of it though... it's SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft on the neck!

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raeshadrz said...

You are not weird at all about the SIL and boyfriend situation. If you were uncomfortable then there was no reason not to say "no" to them. And that is crazy that the boyfriend let his child get into all your stuff!! That is ridiculous!!