Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Mom Show

Slept in today. What else is new? I set my alarm for 9:30 am, but wasn't getting out of bed before 11 am. It just wasn't happening. I actually think it was after 11 am that I finally got out of bed. Probably closer to 11:30 am.

I decided to call my ex-boyfriend's mother this morning, since, I did see her tonight at the Mom Show (more about that after), and I've learned that:

- my ex no longer works for his father. His father's shmatah (material in yiddish) business closed in August and my ex now works in educational toys (my hubby's previous field). My ex now works for a company that I've been meaning to go and check out (they sell toys to the public from October - Xmas at discount prices) and it's a company that my hubby knows the owners very well. Small world.
- my ex gave up on golfing (which I hated when we were dating) and now I golf!

- my ex had a baby on January 26th, and he just had his 10 month check-up and he's 26 lbs. My ex's sister, has a 15-month old who at his 15 month check-up was only 23 lbs. (FAT KID MY EX HAS!) Apparently he didn't take to breastfeeding, so he was formula fed (which makes for chubbier kids) and at 2 months old the formula wasn't enough anymore, this kid could eat, so he was feed food as of 2 months old, and apparently eats eats eats! Couldn't eat the food fast enough...

It was really nice talking to her, and she explained me some quilting stuff, but still wants me to go over to her house to check out her stuff. We'll see if I actually do that - we'll see. I'm glad to know that my ex has no problem with me talking to his mother, so that's a good thing. We caught up, and it was really nice. The last I remember (when my ex dumped me) his mother was going through Chemo for Breast Cancer (she had the surgery right before he dumped me) and his father had a heart attack. So it was good to know the family was doing well.

This afternoon I did some laundry, changed the bed sheets, cleaned up a few things that needed organizing, and eventually left the house to pick up my hubby's contact lenses from my Uncle's shop. Then I had to run to pick up Subways, it's what my mother & sister wanted for dinner, and run over to my grandmother's house for a quick bite to eat. Then, we went to the synagogue for the show.

To review the Mom Show, it was basically vendors with really expensive shit. And I say shit. Ugly jewelry, 160$ purses that I'd never wear, that sort of thing. There was a bunch of "baby" products too.... but over priced garbage. Even my ex's mother was selling baby blankets and baby play mats (that I could totally make myself - sewn of course), and the baby blankets were 45$ and the play mats 25$. After walking away from the table, my grandmother said that they looked like shmatah's just thrown together. She called them garbage, and said I could do better! LOL. I thought that was funny.

I saw my ex's sister tonight at the show, she looks fantastic! She was a size 12 before her first pregnancy, and then lost weight after giving birth to the first one. Then, after her 2nd pregnancy, she apparently lost even more weight (Pregnancy agrees with her apparently!) and now she's like a size 4! She did look great. I want to know what the secret is! (And apparently, she's been really lucky with delivering her children (both boys)! With her first one, 1 hour 20 minutes after her water broke, her first was born; her second was only 20 minutes after her water broke. She only goes til 38 weeks because of her diabetes, and was induced. Since she has been diabetic her whole life, her cirulatory system is comprimised so she has small babies. No time for epidurals for either. Then on the other hand, my ex's wife's water broke 3 weeks before her due date. Apparently they think they made a mistake with calculations. She was in labor for about 16 hours and had a hard time. She became diabetic during pregnancy, but it has gone. And the baby she had, was 8 lbs 4 oz at birth. Is that considered to be a big baby (he's big now though!)? What is considered a big baby? Hopefully I will not have a big baby!

At the Mom Show, my grandmother, sister & mother all agreed that my ex downgraded after dumping me..... his wife, whom he's been married to for 3 years now (November 2003), is ugly, fat and looks like she's still 5-6+ months pregnant (and she had the baby 10 months ago). I think that made me feel better! Knowing that she's ugly. I told Jamie tonight that my ex downgraded and that he upgraded. (Jamie knows that I think his ex of 3 1/2 years is a dog. And he agrees with me! HA HA!) And then I showed Jamie my ugly purple stretch marks that I find gross and he told me he loves me with or without stretch marks!

Speaking of the reason behind my stretch marks.... my little monkey likes to be VERY active really late at night. I've been having problems falling asleep lately, even when really tired, due to the fact that he's very active. He moves around a lot, really late at night. I hope he won't be a night owl when he's born, I am hoping to get him on a schedule and that he'll sleep through the night.

In other news, I am trying to figure out sizing for a baby sized kippah for Sean's bris. I want to make it myself, and it doesn't look hard. I'm just debating whether to knit it - or crochet it. I'm not that good with crochet in a circle, only flat. So, I may go with the knitting route. I'll definitely post a picture once done. I want to get started on that right away, and it's going to be a quick project, so I'm sure I'll have pictures of that up in no time. There are patterns on the internet (not very good ones either), so I may invent my own...

I saw this picture and thought it was cute, so I will leave you with that, and go off and watch Nip/Tuck on the FX Network.

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knitgirl63 said...

Good morning, busy day here in Patty land but I'm hoping to make it short day. You hang in there kiddo, enjoy your day!

Hey, do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada? Sorry if that's a stupid question but what do I know? We're just going to be hanging out and I'm liking the idea of sleeping in really, really late. Like 11:30!