Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crafty Day

Today, I slept in again until about 12:30pm, though it felt like it was a lot later than that.

I got more laundry accomplished today. I am feeling very happy about this.

The company I ordered the crib from called me tonight, Sean's crib will be delivered by 1pm tomorrow. I'm pretty sure this includes the installation of the crib, which is what the guy told us when we ordered it. I can't wait to have it in his room, all set up. Once that is done, the nursery will be 100% ready for Sean to come. Today marks the start of my 35th week, so he could technically come any day now! (37-41 weeks is considered full term, 42 weeks post term).

This afternoon I got working on some crafts on my sewing machine. I worked on making some gifts for some swap packages that are going out in the month of December, so I can't post what they are, or what they look like, until those swap packages have been received! I can show you though, the burp cloths that I made. I made 5 of them (since I have already about 5-6, some new some second hand). I think I have enough now. They were VERY easy to make, I just cut out a pattern, and got cracking!

This evening I sat on the couch and watched Ugly Betty and then Grey's Anatomy. During which I kept flipping to the Habs game. I crochet during both shows, instead of knitting. I made 2 more kippot, but this time, in adult size. I'll photograph all of them once I'm done. They are a really quick project!

Tonight I took a self night, Jamie went out to his friends house to watch the Habs get creamed by Carolina (4-2 = Huet what's wrong with you?? You were on a roll!!) and now I'm off to bed with some comfort food and more Sopranos. Maybe I'll read a little too.

Can't wait to finish the nursery tomorrow!

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