Friday, December 01, 2006

Houston We Have a Completed Baby's Room!

Slept in a little bit today, but got up still early enough. I watched a little bit of Sopranos in bed, and worked on my crochet kippahs (which apparently, my husband doesn't like the colors of! - but that's a whole other story). Just a little while later, the doorbell rang, with my delivery of Sean's crib!

Houston, the baby's room is complete!

Here is a view of the bookshelf I set up for Sean, with all his book! He's got quite the library already!

It's amazing how much the room feels complete now with the crib. Everything else has been in place for a few weeks now, and well, all it took was the crib for it to actually look like a baby's room. Yes, there are other things in the room that make it a "baby's room" - but it really took the crib! The basinette that we got is in place in our bedroom already, (with a "fly" net over it so the cats don't jump into it).

This afternoon I finished watching Season 1 of the Sopranos. Onto Season 2 now!

I'm starting to be in a lot of pain. My back is killing me. My pelvic area is sore from Sean's head moving around and pressing down. I don't think I look like he's lowered himself, but I can't really tell since I see myself every day. I guess I would need someone who doesn't see me every day to tell me. Yesterday I was feeling icky and gross, so I didn't take my 35 week photos yet, but I will either tonight or tomorrow. I can tell you though, that he's stretched my belly some more, because I've grown another inch at the waist (I'm measuring myself weekly, to track my belly growth from navel to navel). I'm really uncomfortable, and it's "that time"... "that time" to me means, that I'm ready for Sean to be born, and move on with life as a mother! I'm ready to sleep on my stomach again, and fit back into MY clothes! Sean - your mother is ready to meet you! Also - I'm not enjoying the in and out of bed 4-5 times per night. They weren't kidding when they said it was a few times per night... I think the amount of times I pee - is a little excessive - and I could do without!

My in-law's came over for dinner tonight, before playing poker, (our regular Friday night poker game) and brought over a cd burned with pictures from my nephew's 4th birthday party, when we were in Beauce, Quebec. I hadn't seen any of his photographs yet from that weekend that my FIL took, and loved this one. (Auntie Robyn is an instigator! She started the purple cake on Merlyn's nose, and then he put some on me, and then put more on himself! LOL)

Oh- GOOD NEWS! I called my doctor's office this morning upon getting up and asked about my results from the Glucose test. I DO NOT have Gestational Diabetes, though, my sugar levels are still a little high. I should stilll watch my sugar intake, but I shouldn't worry. With only 5 weeks left until my due date, I shouldn't worry about getting GD now. Phew! What a relief! (Knock on wood - this has been the easiest pregnancy ever - no morning sickness ever - no complications medical wise.... maybe this means I'll have a quick and easy delivery and a baby that sleeps and doesn't cry too much? So, a girl can dream - right??!)

Alright, going to crawl into bed, played one game of poker tonight, (lost) (Jamie won game two!) but my back is now killing me due to sitting too long at the dinning room table, and I must go try and get comfy.


waltzingmytilda said...

I'm so incredibly happy that you don't have gestational diabetes! Enjoy our mini ice-storm.

kadi said...

Hourra for not having gestational diabetes! Hourra on the baby room! I really miss you guys and hope I get to see you at least once before you deliver!

barbn_77 said...

The baby's room looks great :) and congrats on no GD, I know how you feel about being so uncomfortable, it's only a few more weeks :) it really IS worth it all in the end

knitgirl63 said...

I love the baby room - it's so cozy and sweet looking. Can you come here and do my room like that? Oh wait, hubby might not like it as much. Ha ha. :-)

Rhoda said...

the baby room looks great. I love the crib! Great news about not having gestational diabetes too!