Sunday, December 24, 2006

And We Have a Heel

I forgot to post the other day, my friend Cynthia, who kicks ass, received my Xmas package that I sent her. Here are the contents of her awesome package:

I sure packed the box full.

Last night I started the book Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston and I read HALF of it in one shot. There is just over 200 pages, and I've read about 100. It's such an easy read, and it's a good book. It's just too bad that the main character is on 'bed rest' due to the fact that she has low amniotic fluid and it's crucial to the development of her baby. I hope to finish reading the rest of it tonight! I'll let you know my opinion once done, but so far, so good!

I slept in today until about 1pm. As soon as I get up I took my antibiotics, which was actually an hour late in taking them, and my body knew it - because I woke up in a coughing fit. Damn this bronchitis. I hope it clears up fast and soon. My uterus can't take the coughing anymore!

This afternoon Jamie and I watched the movie Invincible. It was fantastic. I really recommend it. This afternoon after the movie, I took care of chores, and did a major clean up in my bedroom closet. (Jamie and I each have our own closet. My fave part of our bedroom!) Anyhow, I also got a lot of Sean's laundry done, and his "coming home from the hospital" outfit (as well as some outfits for him to wear in the hospital) are clean and in my hospital bag, which I plan on finishing tomorrow (as best as I can - some items are last minute to be packed - because they are my comfort items I used daily - like my slippers, etc..) I have some games packed - travel scrabble, cards (travel cribbige board) so that Jamie and I can play - depending on my mood and how easy this labor will be. I still need to pack some reading material, and some knitting - of course! I am still not sure what I should knit while in labor. Should I finish an easy WIP? Should I start a brand new project? Still debating!

This evening Jamie and I watched yet another movie (after he made a delicious pot roast for dinner, with some potatos - it was delicious. So delicious I was starving while it was cooking, it smelled soooo damn good!) We watched the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It was exactly what we needed, a light, dumb comedy. Boy was it dumb. But it was funny.

Today, I have progress on my "married sock":

We have a heel!


Tomorrow I shall start on the heel on Jamie's "married" sock. (Gotta keep the same progress!) The only difference between the two socks, are the fact that he wanted a longer length on the heel part. But besides that, they're identical (besides the color of the yarn!).

Some images I promised to post:

This is the bib and burp cloth that I got as a gift from my friend the other night for Chanukah.

And this is the onesie that she got me for Chanukah as well. It's funny that once you get pregnant, even though you're getting gifts for your birthday, or chanukah, or whatnot, that the gifts are really for your baby! That's two chanukah gifts I've received, that are completely for Sean! (This one above, plus my brother and his girlfriend got Sean his name in hockey player letters (I'll photograph them once I glue them to his toy box), but the gift was "for me"... lol)

I did get one gift that was for myself (and for Jamie):

And the reason I'm showing you this gift, is because of the way it was given to me. A note on a post-it note! My grandmother is too cute. I just had to share this cute gift. I have to tell you, I've never received a card on a post-it note! This is definitely the first!

To all my friends who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy and merry one!

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