Monday, December 11, 2006

A Long Way To Go

Alright, about my day. Well, first off, I never got to sleep last night. I just couldn't. I maybe closed my eyes for an hour this morning between 5:30 am and 6:30 am. I think it was a combo of sleeping in until 4pm on Sunday, and being uncomfortable that got to me.

I had my 8:15 am OBGYN apt this morning. A re-cap. The nurse Harriet got there late. She told me that she got addicted to something on the internet before coming in and then got stuck at every red light. (However, before she told me this she got chewed out by a patient in the waiting room, and we both made fun of that girl together while she took my blood pressure and weighed me). The weighing thing; I'm starting to get really annoyed with it. I feel like a beached whale, and I'm retaining so much water I'm swollen everywhere. I gained 7 lbs of swelling in the last 2 weeks. Harriet told me to tell the doctor when he saw me that I'm really swollen, and his response? "Welcome to the 9th month of pregnancy". LOL. The doctor did his check up and announced that Sean has not yet dropped, and I have a long way to go still. He definitely won't be a December baby, that's for sure. And the pain in my groin area... I pulled a muscle, or was it a ligament (or is that the same thing?). He said there is nothing to do about it, and it may get worse. Today, at my appointment, I did get my "paperwork" that has to stay on me at all times, and it will be required when checking into the hospital when I'm in labor.

After my apt, I got breakfast at McDonalds, and then took the bus the three blocks home. It was too slushy out, and my feet were killing, so I didn't chance walking.

This afternoon I went to the post office to mail some stuff for Jamie that he sold on ebay, and I also got Lainie's package in the mail. I still have 2 more packages besides my SP9's Xmas package to finalize (one at a time), and get in the mail, but I feel soo much better that I am on top of things! I have a swap package to finish for Cynthia, and another for Raesha, which both will be mailed by latest Friday. (The deadline we set).

I did some groceries before heading home, and that took me a long time, because I was having really bad groin muscle pain, and so it took me forever to walk around the grocery store. I needed a few essentials (cooking oil, all purpose flour, and some ingredients to make my mother-in-law's minestrone soup recipe, which I will be making tomorrow).
Today, Zeus took a break in an empty diaper box:

And then it was Jazz's turn in the same box:

I totally forgot to take my 36 weeks shots on Thursday, I've been feeling really icky these last couple of weeks, so lack of motivation to be photographed looking like a swollen beach whale, I present to you, 36 weeks, 4 days: (A picture taken in my office:)

And due to my hormones, and my pimply face, I LOVE photoshop today, and the clone stamp tool. I've eliminated my pregnancy pimples, and I actually wish I could erase them in real life. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm using stuff to hopefully get rid of them, they are driving me nuts though.... I thought, really, that I was supposed to have the best skin of my life??

My rings are now worn around my neck, I can't get them on my swollen fingers...

My SP9 Pal received a pre-Xmas package in the mail today. Along with some cotton yarn that I sent her, in a bunch of shades of her FAVE color, I sent her this hat... which I whipped up in no time, now that I can crochet in the round (Along with green, she likes baby pink and baby blues, so I made her this hat in baby pastel pink!):

Now she's ready for winter in Edmonton! (I hear it's been nasty cold there!) I saw this style hat in a magazine once, and doodled (sketched) it out, and decided to create it.

Came out pretty good, I think. All you need is yarn, a crochet hook and some chunky buttons.

So, a friend of mine, got this today in the mail as her gift in a mitten swap. Do you notice anything wrong with these mitts??

Even Jamie, who doesn't knit, was able to pick out that the two THUMBS DON'T FRIGGIN' MATCH, nor does the width and size of the actual mittens. I am horrified that someone would actually mail this out to someone else on!!!

Another funny thing.... Click here. Sorry, had to share!
Tonight at Aqua, the INSTANT I got into the water, my muscle pains and aches disappeared. The INSTANT I stepped out of the water, it returned. Gravity I tell you. It's not on my side. I felt great in the water, and I loved the hour that I was in there. I don't think I could have stayed in any longer though, my fingers were starting to prune! I look forward to my last Prenatal Aqua next Monday night (18th). The Monday after that is Xmas Day and the Monday after that is New Years Day. IF Sean isn't born yet, which I'm hoping he is - then I'll go to Aqua on Monday January 9th, 2007, providing I can still get into my bathing suit. But I have a hunch that this next class on the 18th will be my last. Too bad for the holidays being on Mondays this year.
More tomorrow about how I'm feeling.

I'm now officially ZONKED due to lack of sleep from last night.


Lindsay said...

heehee. .. about the mittens. . . woops!

maybe it was a first try ? although if my mittens turned out that way- i;d be embarrassed, and just go purchase ones that looked handmade...


nice video (shaving)

Halloween said...

Don't worry, these appointments mean nothing. You could be checked one day and the doc says not for another 2 weeks, and you could go the next day! Or he could say any day, and you go for another 2 weeks. It is all random, I think. Plus, my friend was told that she was SOOO far off, and literally the next day she gave birth.

Your babe could come anytime! I hope soon!