Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Think I'm Nesting

Today has been an interesting day. I had the shivers all night last night, and now I have an achy throat and an achy ear. The ear has cleared, but the throat... I really hope I'm not coming down with something.... that would suck.

Today, I saw this:

If I had extra money, I'd sign up. But 240$ US - I don't have that kind of extra cash lying around. Should I find 240$ US (278$ CAD) extra (like win the lottery on Friday night), then I'll be signing right up. How cool does it sound? If you are interested, you can sign up here.

Because I had such a shitty sleep last night, in bed, (I think it's my bed that is the problem, and tonight, I'm sleeping on a fouton on the floor - I'll let you know tomorrow how it is), I took a nap for about 4 hours form 10-2pm, on the couch, with a nice fire going in my fireplace:

Zeus, came in for some warmth as well:

Upon waking up from my nap, I continued watching some more Season 5 of The Sopranos (I've got one episode left of Season 5, and then I'll watch Season 6 Part 1. I still can't find a date for Part 2 airing on HBO):

My step-mother-in-law brought me over some more cinnamon pecan balls (since they're my favourite) and I gave her some of my minestrone soup to try, as well as a bunch of frozen bannanas to bake with):

I made some hot chocolate, to enjoy:

And I knitted on the couch. Wasn't in the mood to cross stitch today. Then, at some point mid-afternoon, I got this wild urge to CLEAN. (Maybe this means I'm nesting?)

And I cleaned the ODDEST things in my house. I started off by cleaning the stove with Easy-off. It's spick and span clean. Then while showering, I cleaned the walls of the bathtub (it was just easier to do it while I was soaking my hair!) and besides a dishwasher load, and laundry, I also took off EVERY key off my keyboard and cleaned my Logitech Keyboard. You would not believe how dirty the thing was:

Gross, eh??

Here are all the keys I took off:

And now, it's ALL spick and span clean. I've vaccumed in hidden areas where you'd never guess you'd find cat hair, I've done more loads of laundry. I've cleaned my desk drawer (re-organized it). I've cleaned the cabinet in my office, it's all organized now too. I cleaned up my messy desk (it's actually clean now, and there is a workable surface!) I've also got more cleaning on tap for tomorrow. I want to re-organize my tupperware drawer. Yeah - who does that? Only a woman in her 37th week of pregnancy, I tell you!

Today I also finished up some crafting and sealed some packages to be mailed at the post office tomorrow. I plan on mailing Raesha's Xmas Swap package, Cynthia's Xmas Swap Package, a surprise to someone else in the mail (I'll reveal it when she gets it), as well as TWO Chanukah cards that I felt bad for not writing, so I wrote them, and they are going in the mail tomorrow (Chanukah starts tomorrow night after sundown). I also have to mail something Jamie sold on ebay, and I think that's all the mailing I have to do for tomorrow. I need to get my Secret Pal's Xmas package finalized, and get that into the mail next week for her (mail seems to get to her fairly fast, seeing as though she lives in the same country just a few provinces over!)

This evening, while on the phone with my sister-in-law - who called to ask about granny squares (she thought I could explain to her over the phone how to do one - but when I told her that there were HUNDREDS of patterns on the internet for them, and for different sizes as well - I am not sure she understood what I am talking about). I think for her January 2nd birthday, I'm going to get her a crochet afghan book.... I didn't know what to get her, and now I think I do! So, while on the phone with her, with an Oatmeal Mask on my face (exfoliating baby!) my doorbell rings. Now, I'm not expecting anyone, and Jamie was out at my parents house watching the Habs game (4-2 over Tampa Bay - GO SAKU! He scored 2 goals in the 3rd period!) and it was Canada Post - just my lucky night! I even apologized to the Canada Post driver for my lovely Oatmeal face!

I was not expecting anything yet in the mail (I'm hopefully expecting some mail next week, but not this week!) And to my delight, I saw this:

And unravelled the tissue:

And revealed this:

It's a Lamaze Freddie the Firefly, which arrived from NY State, from my lovely friend Marga! Thank you Marga, I am sure that Sean will love it! I've hung it for now in his crib... we'll see where it ends up? (Stroller? Car Seat? Everywhere?!) What a surprise to receive something in the mail!

So, remember that really ugly pair of mittens that my friend got in the mail? Well, the girl who sent them, has commented on her blog about her opinion of them. Click here to read what she has to say. If this girl deletes what she wrote, let me know, I saved a copy and can still share. It's kind of pretty funny.

From our lovely friends at What to Expect While Expecting:

Week 37: The Dynamic Duo: Effacement and Dilation

Only three more weeks to go (can you believe it?). Actually, now that you're 37 weeks, your pregnancy is technically considered full-term — which means you can safely go into labor any day now. The big mystery, of course, is just when labor will actually begin. It's anyone's guess when your baby decides to make his or her appearance (sociably early, or fashionably late — or precisely right on time?), but that doesn't stop your practitioner from taking a shot at it.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, most practitioners will perform internal checks of your cervix to assess your readiness for labor. Just what is he or she looking for? First, for dilation, or how far your cervix has opened (it needs to open to ten centimeters for the baby to pass through into the birth canal). Next, for cervical ripeness (making you wonder, perhaps, is this a cervix or a peach?), which is the consistency of the cervix. (It starts out being firm like the tip of your nose and softens to the same texture as the inside of your cheek.

Next he or she will check for effacement, or how thin your cervix is (it'll be 100 percent effaced before you push your baby out). The position of your cervix (it moves from the back to the front as labor approaches) will also be assessed, and last but not least, your practitioner will measure the station (or position) of the baby in relation to your pelvis (the lower down your baby is, the closer you are to delivery).

Although it all sounds very scientific, it's actually not at all. Having a cervix dilated to three centimeters or being 50 percent effaced is no indication that labor is imminent. You can be very dilated and not have your baby for weeks. Or your cervix can be high and closed during an exam one morning, only to be open and ready for business — and labor — by noon

Sean - mommy is ready to meet you - so any time you want to come join us in the world... we're MORE than ready to welcome you.

I'm going to go try out sleeping on the floor. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow!

Belly shot to come tomorrow too!


Jenny said...

Definitely sounds like nesting! I can't believe how dirty that keyboard was--that sounds like something I would do too.

Topstitchgirl said...

I really don't understand how a person can send out such a sh***y pair of mitts and expect you to be ecstatic about them. I'm not as exacting about my stuff as I am about stuff I make for others, even if it's made of acrylic. And if the yarn is of such good quality, than some sheep has been running around naked for no reason...

Rhoda said...

i can't believe you cleaned your keyboard. i thought I was bad! I've cleaned it before but not to the same extent you have!

Patty said...

I don't even know how to take the keys OFF. LOL!!

Good for you, mommasita!