Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wicked The Musical & Wicked Mail

Every body is talking about WICKED. It is not playing in Montreal just yet, maybe it'll come, but I've decided that with the 25$ gift certificate to - that I'm going to get this book. I'm also curious to the sequel - Son of a Witch. I hope the musical will come to Montreal. That would be great! I've downloaded the musical soundtrack, but I'm not sure what the theme song is, and I'm not sure what it's all about - so I'll see if I enjoy it!

I got some pretty WICKED mail today! (I think the word of the day is WICKED!)

Here are my awesome goodies:

I got Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which I wanted to order, but says it'll be a few weeks before they can even ship it out. The book Mother, Lainie, who sent it to me, contributed to it. (I'm not sure how yet, I'm waiting on the answer to that!) I got some blue cotton yarn (to make something for Sean!) and some gum, and some scrapbooking stuff. The pink t-shirt looking thing is some gum. (I love gum!)

It took me a while to realize that the cloth had my initial "R" on it! But it's wicked cool! You can find then entire alphabet and number patterns here. Lainie said I can use it for my face or the dishes, whatever I choose!

I need to finish working on her Xmas package and mail it. (Pictures will go up once she receives it!) Lainie wanted to mail my out early - even though we set a December 15th deadline!

I cast on and started knitting my married sock. Once I get back to the amount of rows that are already knitted in Jamie's sock, then I'll continue on knitting both socks at the same time. For now, I'm just going to knit mine until I'm back on track. I feel like it looks like there are now too many stitches, and that it'll be too loose when I wear the sock? Ugggh. I feel like I'm hating the sock now, but I'm going to give it a few more rows, and then try it on, and see if I'm just imagining things or not. It may just be my hormones! LOL!

Piddleloop has been crafting with the kids. I would love to celebrate Xmas and make some of these. (Tree ornaments with YARN inside them!) Where do you even find "empty and clear" ornaments to fill yourself? LOL!

Today I got this email from Pregnancy Weekly:

Week 36: Walk the Walk of a Penguin -- or a Pregnant Woman

Welcome to your last month of pregnancy! By now, you're definitely looking the part of a nearly full-term pregnant women (wide load, coming through), but are you walking the part? Do you have that telltale stride, the penguin waddle that many third-trimester moms-to-be seem to affect? The pregnant waddle is not in your imagination, it's in your connective tissue. Those persistent pregnancy hormones (when will they leave you alone?) cause the connective tissue in your body to soften and loosen. And that's particularly important now that you're nearing D-day (delivery day). Your baby — who's grown quite large by this point — needs to squeeze through your pelvic bones, so it's a good thing that they're more flexible now.

The downside to all this joint flexibility (besides the resemblance you now bear to your feathered friends up north) is discomfort in your pelvis and hip. Add the pressure from your baby's head (burrowing deeper and deeper into your pelvis now) and your heavier uterus weighing you down, and it's no wonder it's a pain to walk around these days. To relieve the pain, relax with your hips elevated, do some pelvic exercises, take warm baths, apply warm compresses, get a massage, or try some complementary and alternative therapies. A belly sling may be helpful, too.

There is a happy upshot to all this pelvic discomfort, believe it or not. As your baby drops into your pelvic cavity (and keep in mind that not all babies drop before labor begins), the upward pressure of the uterus on your diaphragm is relieved. Once this "lightening" (as it's known in the pregnancy business) strikes, you'll be able to take bigger and deeper breaths. Your stomach also won't be so squished anymore, making eating a full meal more comfortable

Pelvic discomfort. Yeah. I'm feeling that 100%. You want to know what it feels like? It feel like my pelvic cavity is being hit by a bowling ball. It's such discomfort. I know I say this every day now... but it's really really bad now. I'm going to talk to my doctor on Monday. See if there is anything I can do. And yeah - I waddle. I walk like the penguins!

I saw this on today:

The Top 10 Baby Boys Names of 2006
1. Aiden (Rank in 2005: 1)
2. Jacob (Rank in 2005: 2)
3. Ethan (Rank in 2005:3)
4. Ryan (Rank in 2005: 6)
5. Matthew (Rank in 2005: 5)
6. Jack (Rank in 2005: 8)
7. Noah (Rank in 2005: 16)
8. Nicholas (Rank in 2005: 4)
9. Joshua (Rank in 2005: 9)
10. Logan (Rank in 2005: 19)

In 2006, Sean was ranked 43rd. In 2005, Sean was ranked 48th. In 2004, Sean was ranked 40th. In 2003, Sean was ranked 35th. In 2002, Sean was ranked 46th. In 2001, Sean was ranked 42nd. In 2000, Sean was ranked 40th.

So, I feel good that Sean's name is not one of the top ten common names. I would never name my child a name that was too popular in recent years, because it sucks when you get to school and 10 other kids have your same name. In recent years, the name Zachary was on the top 10. I will not be able to use this name for my second boy, (after I have my daughter of course!) because now there are 2 Zachary's in the family. My 3rd (but close knit) cousins Cliff & Lolita have a boy named Zachary, and my first cousin Josh, who knocked up his ex just days before they broke up and started a custody battle on their 2 year old girl Jordyn, (My cousin Josh won full custody by the way), is having a baby boy, due January 3rd (just a week before me if he's on his due date), and they are naming him; Zachary Kenneth Charles {Insert Whatever Last Name He'll Take Here}.

In 2006, Zachary was ranked 23rd. In 2005, Zachary was ranked 17th. In 2004, Zachary was ranked 11th. In 2003, Zachary was ranked 9th. In 2002, Zachary was ranked 14th. In 2001, Zachary was ranked 14th. In 2000, Zachary was ranked 7th.

I have less than 10 pages left in NOT BUYING IT. I was hoping to finish it last night, but wasn't able to. My eyes drew heavy and I couldn't finish the last few pages. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to read them! And tomorrow, I'll pick out a new book to start.

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Hey there - a friend of mine made ornaments last year with the clear bulbs you can fill. I'll ask her where she got them and get back to you. :-)