Friday, December 15, 2006

It's the Little Things That Count

Today I got up from sleeping on the futon mattress on the floor, and yet again, there was no mail for me today. The floor. It was an okay sleep. A good thing, I didn't get up ONCE during the night to pee. I don't know why not. I didn't do anything different than I usually do. I didn't drink less fluids than usual. How did I manage to get through the night without having to go? That, I don't know. While trying to fall asleep last night, I started reading in What to Expect While Expecting the 9th month chapter, as well as all the labor and delivery stuff. I still have more reading to do... but I am starting to get really excited to give birth. How odd is that?? However, once Jamie got home from work, he did take me to the post office, to mail a bunch of stuff that looks like this:

Amongst my Secret Pal's package, Cynthia's package, Raesha's package, a secret package for a certain someone who reads my blog, as well as 2 Chanukah cards, there are 2 Xmas cards that I wrote, yes - I gave in and wrote TWO. So sue me!

After lunch, Walmart, the post office, Angela came over this evening and hung out with me. She brought along some goodies for me. What a nice friend she is! It was for Chanukah! What a sweetheart. I was already in the progress of putting together an Xmas package for her, but it's not ready yet, and well, I'm 9 months pregnant, she can wait a few extra days.

I got some cool goodies such as:

Some earring posts and some stitch marker hoops for my beading. Which I hope to get a bunch more done before Sean enters this world.

I got a gift card to Omer DeSerres, yey - craft supplies! I can hear them calling my name!

Some awesome stitch markers. I LOVE how simple they are. Angela did not have me as a partner in my stitch marker swap, but she did make me some, it was soo thoughtful of her!

And I got this awesome glass ring. It's pink, with black & auburn lines in it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and it does fit ONE of my swollen fingers right now. I'll have more options of fingers to wear it on, once Sean is born. Color is hard to tell in this image, I just realized. But it's pink! And I love it!

I convinced Angela tonight, to straighten my hair. I hopped into a quick shower and washed my hair. I even blow dried it. And then, Angela straightened my hair for me. (I can never do it properly on my own head). Anyhow - it's amazing how the little things in life can be sooooooo uplifting. I swear, I feel like a whole other person just because my hair looks nice. It makes me feel good.

Here is a picture of me and my straight hair. Look Angela - I'm wearing your ring that you got me for Chanukah!

We had a fun girlie night tonight, watching What Not To Wear on TLC, and just hanging out. It was really nice. And trust me, this type of thing will not stop after I give birth. I still plan on having girlie nights with friends, and living and enjoying life. So thank you for coming over Angela. I had a good time!

No belly picture today yet. I felt blah all day, so I didn't take any. Tomorrow, I will model my new maternity shirt that I found at Walmart today, and I will take some belly shots. I wasn't going to buy any more maternity clothes, but to be honest, I am SICK of the same 4 pj's I have, I am SICK of the 4-5 outfits that I have to wear during the day, that actually still cover my belly. So... I gave in, and at Walmart today, I bought myself ONE shirt. And that was very uplifting as well. It's a coral color. I will model it for you tomorrow! Promise.

Another thing that excited me today, is the fact that I found a nursing bra with an underwire! I bought one, and I will see how it is, and if it works and feels great, then I will purchase a second one. I already have one that isn't underwire (wearing it now actually, wanted to wear it to see how it feels) and I think 3 in total will be enough. All we're missing now is the baby!

I *believe* that I had my first contraction this morning. I am pretty sure that is what it was. It stopped me in my tracks, and my uterus felt hard like a watermelon. It lasted almost 30-45 seconds, but once again, it didn't hurt. So I don't know if that counts as a contraction? I really am not sure what I am feeling, so I am not sure if I have the right to call it a contraction? My doctor told me on Monday, that I would know when I was having a contraction... but what if I really don't know?? There is always that possibility, right??

Today, I decided that I am not into scrapbooking. It is just NOT for me. I will NEVER get to my wedding scrapbook. I will never get to my Vegas Scrapbook, and I will certainly never scrapbook all my Honeymoon pictures. That will never happen. (I still haven't printed any of my honeymoon pictures, because I am still waiting for Loblaws ( to have a 2 for 1 sale on their prints. Usually around Xmas they have a special, but we'll see if that happens. I'm keeping my eye open for a sale. But for real, I'll never ever end up scrapbooking them. I will possible scrapbook/college some stuff for Sean... as a memory book style, not really as a scrapbook in the way women scrapbook these days. Maybe I am just going through a phase, or maybe I just don't have the patience for it anymore. Maybe I would rather be knitting?! I have so much scrapbook stuff, that I am just not sure why I bought, or what to do with. I am organizing my stash to see what I have, and then I'll decide what to do with it. I literally have enough stuff for a wedding scrapbooking kit - maybe I could sell it somewhere?? But who would buy this from me? I refuse to even try on ebay, it's just NOT worth it. I also have a ton of other material... once again, probably impulse buys, stuff that I thought I would use, and well... probably will never. Is that the way the cookie will crumble??

Maybe this is my way of de-cluttering my life?? Preparing for baby? Taking inventory of what I have, what I will use, what is necessary?? I am kind of looking at it that way. I feel like I've been doing a good job decluttering, but I still have a lot more to do/organize. All in due time. I guess I still need a little bit more time before Sean arrives, even though I'm spent, and want him to arrive already. (This knitting mama really wants her body back!)

Today via email, according to What to Expect While Expecting, Apparently, I can expect the baby's weight gain to be about half an ounce per day. (Boys, though, are likely to be heavier at birth than girls. And here's a bit of boy baby trivia to back that one up: Moms carrying boys tend to eat more than moms carrying girls — a foreshadowing of teenage refrigerator raids to come.) GREAT! Just what I needed!

So I ordered this book for my sister-in-law for her birthday. She was asking me a million questions on granny squares, so I figured it would just be easier to get her a book of her own! Plus, I was running short of ideas for her for her birthday/chanukah, so I will give her that, with some yarn and perhaps some crochet & knitting needles (I think I want to go thrifting!) and she'll be really happy, I'm sure. I'll take care of that now, because the next time I will see her, is when Sean's born (she's coming in for his bris). But I want to know that it's taken care of, and here for her. I love ordering things online!

Crazy mitten girl posted on her blog again. Should we allow her out of mitten purgatory?

I got some other good news today, but I'm waiting for the okay to share the info! I forgot to ask earlier if I was allowed talking about it.... so I hope so! Cuz I am super excited about this news!


barbn_77 said...

Do you know of an online tutorial for making stitch markers? i'd love too but have no clue what too do :)

Jenny said...

Very cool ring and I really like the hair. Isn't it funny how the little things like a nice new do and a pretty shirt can really help to make you feel a bit better, especially when you are so uncomfortable!

aj_brainylady said...

I like your straight hair. And thanks for the Omer DeSerres link -- I've been wondering where to find craft supplies!

mdevam said...

You could try and get rid of the scrapbooking stuff on some of the wedding BB's, has a section for selling wedding stuff. I am going to miss it when you have the baby and are too busy/tired to post so frequently, is that selfish of me? I found a good stitch marker tutorial here: . I know I am babbling, so I will stop while I am ahead.

Happy Chanukah!

Rhoda said...

oh, i love the ring! those star stitch markers are awesome too! funny that you talk about scrapbooks in this post because I just emailed you about that! I can't get into it myself. It's too time-consuming. I do like the finished product but I don't want to put my own time into it..I'd rather be knitting. :)