Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Swollen & a Little Hormonal

I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I was up until 6 am this morning. I finally crawled into bed, after watching a number of episodes of Sopranos (Season 5), and working on the Cross Stitch for my mother (progress below) (I really don't think Xstitch is for me, by the way) (I'll explain further below). I finally got to sleep around 6am, BUT it was uncomfortable, and I kept tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, but I couldn't - and was having pains in my back, and after an amazing day yesterday with no groin pain, it's back today. I slept in today until 2pm, when Zeus woke me up by throwing up. I caught him in time, jumped out of bed, and threw him into the hallway. (Easier to clean off the hardwood floors, than my bed that he started getting sick on (Pukey the cat we call him), or even my carpeted bedroom floor. Dang cat.

My sister came over for a few hours this afternoon, to avoid traffic into the city. She had a final exam tonight for one of her courses. She has 2 more classes to take to graduate. Unfortunately the 2 courses left are both offered on the same night next semester, so she'll do next semester, plus summer school and end in the summer. She'll have her marketing degree. I quized her on a bunch of stuff, but I could tell she was nervous. She called me after the exam was over, and said she thinks she did pretty good. (GLAD!) Oh - she saw the baby's room for the first time today, and loves it! YEY! (It's been a while since she's been over).

Tonight, Jamie and I had Halishka's for dinner (Cabbage Rolls in English - Halishka's I believe is Yiddish). There was plenty of leftovers, so Jamie will take lunch again tomorrow to work (he's loving this cooking binge I've been on) and even for me for lunch tomorrow.

Patty, my SP9 hostess convinced me today to sit back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Luckily I had a hot chocolate with marshmellows. (I'm not a chocolate eater, but love love to drink hot chocolate or chocolate milk).

I pulled out my super huge mug (that I use a few times in the winter to drink tea, and that's it):

And filled it up with hot chocolate and marshmellows. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Oh, here is my progress on the Cross Stitch (In between the black skirt, there is WHITE crosses, so there is more work done on it, that is hard to tell!):

To show my progress, here is what I've done on the "pattern": I highlight with markers after I've worked on a stitch. Now, I don't know what I did wrong, or how I counted, pregnancy brain maybe.... but there are some extra stitches that I have no idea where they came from! As you can see, the blue line under the skirt, somehow I managed to add some extra skirt! That's okay, it'll just be unique and I'm sure my mother will NOT notice the difference - lol. I hope not anyhow. Anyhow - this is exactly why Cross Stitching is just not for me. The counting - ahhh - the counting! I am DYING to finish this already, so I can frame it and give it to my mother, hopefully by her birthday on the 22nd and then continue on knitting!

Look where I caught Zeus. Sleeping in an extra newborn car seat that I got my hands on.

I want to share with you, Shelley - my very adorable Secret Pal. I'm spoiling her, and here is a picture I requested from her. I asked her to model the hat I sent her! She posted it on her blog, and I had to snatch the photo and share it. She's just a cutie! Shelley and I have been really close, even though she has NO IDEA who I am!

I've started REGRETTING chopping off my hair back in August. I'm totally growing it back. That was a REALLY dumb pregnancy move to make. I SHOULD have listened to my hubby. I wish it would grow faster, so that it could fit into a pony tail without falling out. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! That's what is bothering me today.

I've got a headache, a little one, so I am going to go TRY to lie down. Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight, it's a good possibility. I'm a little zonked from lack of sleep, so maybe that is why I have the little headache (though I won't take anything for it - for Sean's sake).

Tomorrow on tap - relax, cross stitch, laundry, a little crafting, and who knows what else is in store. I just want this groin muscle to heal, and I need to keep my feet up so that the swelling goes down.

Maybe I'll get some knitting done.... I hope! But the Cross Stitch comes first. Must be done by next Friday. Shoot - I TOTALLY forgot about my step-mother-in-law's purse that I want to make her for her birthday. ARGH! Gotta get my act into gear on that too.

Wow - I can't believe tomorrow I start week 37. Will my dream come true? Will Sean be born in his 37th week of being in my belly???

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Delly Bean said...

Do you give Zeus milk? My parents kept feeding my cat milk and he'd spew fairly often, and then Dad told Mom to hold off on the milk and he's all better. I've read somewhere that adult cats are lactose intollerant (plus, cow's milk is made for an animal 100 times a cat's size).