Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Nasty Soup

This morning I made that concoction that my doctor gave me. (He didn't want me taking antibiotics so far into my pregnancy). So, I boiled it up:

Looks pretty gross, eh? You then strain it - and then drink it with lots of honey! It's a mixture of:

- 2 bags of Cammomile tea
- 2 bags of Linden (Tilleul in french) tea
- 3 onion skins (not the onion, just the dry onion skins)
- 10 walnut shells (not the walnut itself just the shells)

Boil. Strain. Add honey. Drink.

And you know what? I felt a lot better all day. I think I'm going to drink one more glass before going to bed tonight. The amount I have is for 2 days worth of tea apparently. Hey - whatever works right?

I've finished all my Xmas shopping. Well - almost anyhow! I just need to figure out something for my father-in-law and then I'm all set.

Angela gave me a gift card to Omer DeSerres for Chanukah, so I went over there today, and found this awesome bead kit (on sale for 24.95$). I picked one up. (It also comes in blue). I've been beading a lot lately (earrings & stitch markers mainly). Anyhow, I wanted the beads for beading, and the case..... for this:

An organizer for my stitch marker collection! Hee hee. So far, the ones in here, I've made some and some are from stitch marker swapping. I'm ADDICTED to collecting stitch markers. My case will be a LOT fuller once I finished my Clapotis, which has about 20 stitch markers for that project.

Thank you Angela for the awesome present!

I also stopped by the Bead Emporium today, and picked up some beads. With those beads, I made some earrings. I plan on posting them on Etsy to sell (probably tomorrow). If anyone is interested in a pair - let me know! They're for sale! Two different size earrings. The larger are 1"2/8th large and the smaller are 7/8ths of an inch big. I am very excited to set up shop - but I can sell them privately as well!

I also made some stitch markers today for my new Etsy shop (coming soon to my sidebar). These above are a set of 5 fireflies (I thought of you Marga!) I haven't figured out a price for them yet, but they'll be available in my Etsy shop.

Here is one more set of stitch markers (set of 6) that I made today. I have been having fun crafting.

Speaking of Stitch Markers - here are some that were received in my swap:

Above, I gave these to my swap partner Angela (who is technically blogless). She's had them since last Wednesday's SNB meetup.

And these above, I sent to Lainie, in California. She has received them, but I guess not blogged them yet.

Speaking of Mail received - my Secret Pal has received her Xmas Package that I put together for her. Here is what I sent her:

I love love love the sheep notebook that I picked up for her! If I didn't have a collection of journals already (I kid you not - impulse buys and addiction!) then I'd buy one for myself, because it was just tooo cute. I just have way tooo many blank journals, and now that I'm journaling online, instead of paper - I do NOT need any more journals! I could probably open up a store with the amount of journals that I own. (Ok, I know I'm exaggerating, but still! (Some of them are just too gorgeous that I don't want to use them!) My pal emailed me to tell me that she plans on sleeping with the scarf I sent her, as it is just TOO soft and comfortable. I agree - I almost didn't want to part with it!

Here is some other mail my SP9 pal received from me this week. I sent her these out in 2 different envelopes. She just blogged that she receives about 2-3 pieces of mail from me each week. Yep - that sounds about correct. It's all about spoiling now isn't it?? I sent my pal some awesome magnets, some more of my handmade stitch markers (Yep - I'm obsessed with making them!), some recipes and and Xmas card. I love funny Xmas cards - even though I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Xmas - they're soooo much fun!

Tonight my friend Saskia came over and had dinner with me. I gave her an Xmas present (we exchange one every year) and I'll photograph and post tomorrow what she got me (or rather for Sean!)

However, I do have to admit a snag with preparing her Xmas present. I was supposed to go to her house for a housewarming/Xmas tree decorating party, and she wanted everyone to come to that party with an ornament for her Xmas tree. This is her first apartment. Anyhow, I found these really nice picture frame ornaments, and wanted to pick a picture of the two of us into the frame. (She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, so I wanted to put a picture of the two of us from then). However, when I went to print one out on 4x6 paper (to fit into the 2x2 slot in the ornament), my printer was doing fuzzy weird stuff:

As if the ink was NOT drying on the photo paper. So, after different tests, and maintenace in my control panel on my computer, I settled with going to Pharmaprix and printing out on their digital machine. Here is the end result:

Now, I had done this on my home printer if it was working properly, I would have sized the image properly to fit more hair and more of my wedding veil, etc, into the picture. But I had to settle with what the photo machine printed out at the shop. I am not sure if it was my printer, the printer paper, the ink I'm using - or what. But, it's REALLY frustrating - let me tell you!

Saskia loved the rest of her presents, and I will blog about Sean's gifts tomorrow.

Tonight I gave in and purchased on ebay some Sock Blockers. I've been eyeing them online for about 3 months. But the seller I've been watching didn't have the ones I wanted up. Anyhow, needless to say, I contacted them, and she did have what I wanted, just didn't realize that they weren't listed. I really wanted the yarn and needles one (not one of the other 10-12 ones she has in stock - woolie the ram, aids ribbon, cat, dog, moose, etc...) Nope, I wanted this one in specific:

And I can't wait to get them in the mail! I sent a request for the amount with shipping, and will pay immediately, so that I can get them soon! I ordered a size Medium (which covers shoe sizes 7.5-9.5 women's). I'm a size 8 - so it's perfect!

This evening I watched the movie Over the Hedge. It was really cute. I was shocked on how short it is - 1 hour and 23 minutes. Are kids movies really that short these days?


Rhoda said...

that is such a great story! poor guy..he thought he was making a stand. the timing was just off! that concoction you have to drink sure does look interesting but @ least it's helping right? love all the stitch markers and beads too! I've been wondering myself where I should start keeping my own stitch markers that I've been collecting!

ScrapHappy said...

Okay, that soup looks disgusting. Or tea. Or whatever it is. But if it works... hey!

I've been under the weather too. Bleh. But not feeling bad enough to try THAT. ;)

So funny about Jamie and the Visa. At Target they don't even need your card, I don't think -- they just use the # on the receipt or something. But still too funny.

Love the sock blockers! I haven't ever blocked my socks. I will have to try it.

I love stitch markers too! Love the ones you sent.

Okay, that's all for now... back to work!

Jenny said...

That credit card story made me chuckle, I could so picture my husband doing the same thing!

K. said...

Love the beading kit! May have to go out and get me one of those...It was sooooo nice to see you tonight even though you were super tired...Take care of you!

Oh we should have another craft day during the holidays...