Friday, December 22, 2006

News Report: Flushed Ring Not Rescued

This morning I couldn't sleep in. I woke up with a coughing fit. I hope that just means that my meds are working, as I need this cough to go away. I can't be coughing and in labor at the same time - I just don't think I would be able to get through both at the same time!

This morning all that came in the mail was an issue of Woman's Day Magazine (which is my substitute for 3 issues since For Me Magazine went under - they lasted just about a year - and then folded, too bad, I liked that magazine) and we also got a Chanukah card from my friends Lauren & Seth in Philadelphia.

So this morning I did the STUPIDEST thing I've done so far during my pregnancy. My new ring that Angela got me for Chanukah.... well, I kind of flushed it down the toilet. Yeah, you heard me right. Down the toilet. Let me explain....

I went to pee. I didn't flush right away. I took my rings off to wash my hands, putting them on the ledge of the cabinet above the toilet - my cabinet (Jamie has his own above the sink). Anyhow, I washed my hands. I dried my hands. I blew my nose. I then flushed the toilet (I was waiting to blow my nose, so I'd only have to flush once). Then as I flushed, I went to grab my 2 rings to put back on, and the new one got knocked into the toilet, as the water was whirling, and down it went. I swear to god, everything happened in slow motion.

I kicked myself. I am so mad. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this ring. And it was a gift. I'm going to go replace it, because I loved it, and felt really bad.

I told Angela this afternoon what happened. She said she got herself one in another colour, at the same time as purchasing mine, and she got home, and has not seen hers since. She swears these rings are cursed. I didn't even have mine a full week. I got it last Friday night. I am so mad. I can't believe it happened.

Jamie said he wanted to tell me that "He told me so".... but he didn't. He knew I'd learn my lesson when I flushed something down the toilet. He says I've been putting my rings and stuff there, and I told him that he should have told me. That maybe I'd have listened, lol.

I did some blog reading and emailing, and then prepared to leave my house for my manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. It felt SO great to have my eyebrows waxed. Like you wouldn't believe! It was definitely very uplifting, as I've been feeling very "down" lately. Not depressed, just ready to give birth and get that part over with - and well, with the gloomy weather outside... it's very "down" lately. Gloomy. Droopy. You know it. Winter blues. LOL. And I don't do much these days... so...

My manicure and pedicure were great as well. I got my fingers and toes painted a dark shade of red. I love red. Red nails are awesome. I own red nail polish but NEVER wear, because frankly I can't apply it to myself. Impossible. Just doesn't work. Doesn't look nice when I try to do it myself. I leave it up to the professionals to do a good job:

Those spots are not smudges, it's the light reflecting onto my nails from the ceiling.

Zeus snuck by this photo (above!)
After my appointments, I went next door to the bookstore to browse around. I came across them selling this Szechuan Scarf kit. I would have gotten one, but unfortunately it was 100% Acrylic (NASTY!)

Tonight we went to a Grill for dinner with my entire family. It's my mother's birthday today, and it was my sister's birthday on Tuesday, (the 19th), so we went out to celebrate. Above, is a picture of Jamie and I. I think it's alright. I can't wait to give birth and to lose all the swolleness. I'm swollen everywhere. My hands, my fingers, my face, my legs (really badly), and my feet and ankles are HORRID. Water retention is bad. I really don't want to have problems, so I'm going to try and keep my feet up as much as possible.

I took these cookies from my parents house tonight. My dad got this huge gift basket, and he gets sick from mint, and my mother hates mint, so I got these DELICIOUS mint cookies. They are to die for. I gave up chocolate cake tonight (I'm not a chocolate fan to begin with), and so these mint cookies were a treat! I loved them soo much I took the rest home with me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 7C (45F). Sunday, 5C (41F). Looks like it's going to be a green Xmas in Montreal. I wonder if that's ever happened before! LOL. No snow here. How sad and disappointing!


Jenny said...

I have been tempted to go get a pedi just to make me feel pretty (I chew my nails something fierce so I am not really into manicures). I love that bright red color--very happy and flashy!

The picture of the two of you looks good and you don't look too bloated, just ready to have the little one!

Barb said...

The nails look great :) I hear ya about the red polish and trying to do it yourself, it never works out right LOL

K. said...

Mani+pedi=essential. I'm glad you're taking care of you!