Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Stuff... going on around here....

This morning I took care of a bunch of mailing. I have stuff that needs to go out now, but at least it's taken care of. The three brown envelopes, and one purple one at the bottom are the envelopes I'm mailing for my stitch marker swap. (My stitch markers were also made this morning!) My belly is really starting to get in the way! I can't lean into the table anymore, or my desk. First off, I get kicked by my son in the stomach, and second, I spill food on myself because I can't get over my plate when I'm eating. The extra weight is only causing uncomfortness and back pain, and I'm ready! I will pray everyday for my beautiful and healthy son to be born already. I had a dream last night about delivering the placenta after giving birth, but all I recall from that dream is a nurse massaging my stomach in order for me to deliver the placenta. Is that usually how it works with a vaginal birth?? I recall possibly reading about that - so maybe that's why I had a dream about it? So far, lately, the dreams I've had were that 1- I gave birth in my 37th week (Thursday starts week 36!) 2 - I was a pro at breastfeeding and had no problems and 3- getting my stomach massaged to deliver the placenta. So if all three come true, then I'll be having a vaginal birth in just a week or so (depends on what day in my 37th week I give birth) and I'll be a pro at breastfeeding. Wouldn't that be fantastic now??

Today I've been knitting. Jamie's sock is coming along great. I did 20 rows of ribbing k2, p2, and then so far 10 rows of this patterns: row 1; knit. row 2; [k3, p1] to end. I have done the same in my sock, then when I decided that it was enough to try on, and I tried it on, it don't fit. I can't get it over my swollen ankles. Now, I'm not sure if my feet will ever go back to it's original size after pregnancy, but to be honest, even if they do, the sock is still way too small for my foot. So... I'm going to rip it out tomorrow, and re-start (not in the mood to re-start it tonight). But I'm loving the colors and all that jazz.

I'm already half way through Season 3 of Sopranos. Really - it's addictive. (I did the same thing last winter break with Six Feet Under - I think I finished all 6 seasons in under 2 weeks or something like that!)

Wow, I can't believe that my hubby is turning 31 on Sunday, I'll be 26 on my next birthday, and I'm having a baby boy in a matter of days now. 37 days left until my ACTUAL due date. Wow. THIRTY SEVEN. I remember when it was like 137 days left.... and I thought the end of the year would never come, and everything would pass by slowly. To be honest, it's gone by SOooooooooooooo fast..... time speeds by. Days come and days go... and I'm going to be a mother.

I am trying to recall if Jamie got me a birthday card this past year for my birthday. We did NOT exchange 1 year anniversary cards. (Well, I bought him THREE and he forgot to even get me one, since we were in Europe during our anniversary, and he didn't shop beforehand), so I never gave him a single one.... I'll save them for next year or whenever... I never filled them out... and cards don't expire or get old! LOL. But if he didn't get me a card this year, then I'm not getting him one! I already gave him his present (he LOVES his Irish Hiking Scarf) and well, yeah!

Ok, I'm just rambling now.

I've taken off my rings. My hands are soooo swollen. My engagment ring and my wedding band are now on a chain around my neck. I was best taking it off now, when I could still kind of slide it off (with a struggle). Also, I don't know what I'll have to remove during labor at the hospital, so it's best to remember to keep them safe around my neck now, then to have to take them off and have no where to put them later on. At least on a chain - if I have to take them off my neck too - then it's safer and kept together, and I can put it somewhere safe.

I really hope my feet and hands go back to normal after giving birth. I don't need to buy a new shoe wardrobe because some feet DONT go back after. I have a nice shoe collection, I don't need to buy more! I don't WANT to buy more!

That's it for today. I'm going to go read a bit, and then head to bed. I've just got September - December to read in NOT BUYING IT, and then I can start on a new book! Haven't decided which book I'll line up next. I have a bunch I'm dying to read though!

I really hope I do NOT wake up with really bad indigestion or heart burn or whatever it was, in the middle of the night tonight. Last night, it was soooooooo bad, I wanted to die! I had to run to the kitchen, find the Tums and chew 2 so fast you wouldn't believe it. I felt so gross. So happy that the tums worked right away. Thank goodness I had tums in the house. (Hubby has Rolaids somewhere as he gets heartburn a lot, but I had no idea where he put them, and I wasn't going to start waking him and bothering him at 4 am!) Oh, it was the worst pain I've ever felt and the gas! Oh my.... I thought I was going to explode.

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