Saturday, December 16, 2006

2nd Day of Week 37

I had a really bad sleep last night on the floor. The bed, would have been not any better. My son, whom now I have to count the fetal movements for, and if he moves less than 10 times in one day, I have to rush to the hospital... is quite active, that I've lost count in counting and I gave up on counting. I think my body would tell me if there was any problems. And if I started to notice lack of movement, I'd start counting... but he's very active let me tell you! And when I'm sitting in a position that he doesn't like - he lets me know it!

This afternoon Jamie & I did a mad cleaning in the house (still on my nesting kick I think - I had energy to clean that I didn't even realize I had. My office - SPOTLESS (Floor needs to be washed, but in regards to organization and such, it's spotless!) I can even see my desk! Wowo! Haven't been able to see my desk in a couple of weeks, and it was just one huge pig sty! LOL. (Laziness of pregnancy I tell you!) But, since we were having dinner guests tonight, and one of them, has never been to our place before, (and we've really met before properly), then I wanted to make a good impression. Good impression includes a clean house!

I was just just just done as they rang the doorbell. But I was sweating to get everything done, and my cake in the oven. I baked an apple cake. Yes - I baked in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Francesca had heard soooo much about my "famous" apple cake, that she wanted to try some herself. Plus, Daniel requested it.

Daniel is one of Jamie's long time friends. They've been friends since Kindergarten I believe. That's a 25+ year friendship. (Since they were about 5 years olds, and now they're 31). (They're both one of the oldests in their grade, being December babies - they were born 10 days apart. Daniel is December 1st, and Jamie December 10th).

Francesca and Daniel met at Daniel and Jamie's friend Larry's wedding this past August. Larry married Grace, who is Francesca's first cousin. Francesca was a bridesmaid, and Daniel a groomsmen. They ended up walking down the aisle together, and the rest is history! They've been an official couple for just over 2 months now, but they've been talking since August 26th.

Francesca is really sweet. I thought she was older than me, but she's only 22! She's really mature for her age though. She's sooo much more mature than a certain 22 and another certain 24 year old that I know! Age really doesn't matter. It's completely the person. And she acts older.

Francesca totally didn't have to, but she brought a gift for Sean and one for me too. She was really impressed that in my 9th month of pregnancy, I was baking and cooking, and wanted to thank me, because she doesn't cook or bake.

She brought me this really nice Laura Secord basket. Mmmm, chocolates & candies.

And Sean received this really cute onesie! He already had the hat, mittens, booties and bib all Habs - but now he has the onesie! I really want to get him the blue sleeper that is with the same pattern on it (full arm & legs with feet), but I don't know when the next time I will be in the Bell Center, or Fairview Mall (near my parents house) where they have a Habs store. Oh well - eventually! I wouldn't get a him a newborn one anyhow, I'd probably get him a 3-6 month one, so I have time to pick it up! I definitely want to treat him to one though.

Tonight during our fondu dinner (which was soooo good), we watched the Habs game. It was a big deal, because all 4 of us are huge fans. Even Francesca! Anyhow, it was a big deal game too, because they were playing against Pittsburgh (SIDNEY CROSBY! He's a cutie for a 19 year old). Crosby will totally play for the Habs when he becomes a free agent in a few years, I can sooo see it. He's a HUGE Habs fan, and his dad was even drafted by the Habs as a goalie, but never played.

Tonight, our start was Saku Koivu! He scored 2 goals tonight. (Too bad he couldn't go for a Hat trick!) Also - what impressed me was Lapierre's 2nd goal (3rd point) in 3 games. He's a rookie that was called up and in 3 games he has 2 goals and 1 assist! This kid's on a role. We even got to see a few minutes of Higgins tonight. He played about 15 minutes in total in the three periods, Higgins is back! We just need him to score. And did you see Bonk's face??? I don't think he could have been punched any more than he already was! Nasty! We had a really NICE win of 6-3 tonight. Comme C'est Beautiful!

As promised, some belly shots in my new coral shirt. Here is me... 2 days into my 37th week of pregnancy. (And ready to pop - let me tell you!)

Look, Ma, Still an Innie!
And with that - I bid everyone a good night, I'm off to *TRY* and sleep!


kadi said...

Wow! Last time I saw you, your belly wasn't that huge! I hope I can see you before the holidays!

Jenny said...

Love the coral color, it looks so cheery. Since I am a Colorado Avalanche fan, I am not so sure about that Habs onesie, but I must admit, it is pretty darn adorable!

Rhoda said...

that's great about francesca and daniel. that was very sweet of her to bring you and sean each a gift. :) coral looks great on you!

Patty said...

Come on Sean, Mommy's ready! But is Daddy??