Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Day of the Year

Here are some pictures to share:

My father-in-law took this one of Sean, he does not look 3 day old here. (It's from yesterday). He looks much older than that!

I love this little guy sooooo damn much.

This is a picture of the three of us from tonight, we went to Jamie's step-Aunt & step-Uncle's house for dinner. I felt great tonight in "dressed up" clothing and with jewelry on, and out of the house. It was MUCH needed!

A recap of what's been going on, (and then I'm going to sleep) (I need sleep). Yesterday we had visitors all day. Sean got spoiled by his grandparents and by mommy's friends. Mommy also got spoiled. Angela replaced the ring that I flushed down the toilet with the exact same one - that made mommy's day. Angela also got me a pair of pj pants - so that I don't have to live in Jamie's.

Yesterday was just overwhelming with guests. Today we had a few too, but not as many as yesterday. Tomorrow we're not allowing any visitors. We need an US day. We havent had one since going into the hospital on Tuesday night.

Today, while checking his diaper, I got peed on for the first time. That was quite funny, and my sister saw the whole thing go down! It's hard changing a boy! LOL. I think I need to invent some pee-pee tee-pee's!

Last night I had a little frustration in the middle of the night for an hour, Sean just wouldn't latch on to feed, and he was screaming for a good hour. It was really intense, and being over tired now, I just couldn't handle it, and it was very emotional. Today we're doing a lot better, and I think my milk is starting to come in, instead of colostrum. That is just beautiful actually, because Sean needs to gain a few more ounces so that he's at a healthy weight for his bris (circumcision) this week. He checked out of the hospital at 4 lbs 14 ounces (he lost 7.9% of his birth weight - up to 10% is considered an okay loss). This happens to all babies, so I was told not to worry. They wouldn't have let me out of the hospital otherwise. Sean needs to be at least (or VERY close to) 5 lbs 8 ounces - which is 5 and a half pounds.

Today Sean didn't make a poop at all - but he has peed. Should I be worried? If there is no bowel movement by tomorrow, I think I'll call the CLSC. I just don't want to call if it's nothing, because one place I think I read that during babies first few days, it could be 1-2 poops.... if at all. Ugh, so frustrating! I just hope he's not constipated, but he's eating enough, so it's not lack of food. He's quite the eater once latched. (We're still working on that.... sometimes he takes right away, sometimes he takes a few moments).

Today we caught Zeus in the basinette. And then later we caught him under the baby's crib, he snuck into the baby's room. I am getting very frustrated with Zeus. Jazz has no problems, and is chill. Zeus on the other hand, I think is VERY jealous of my attention to Sean, and lack of attention to him. I need to make it up to him. I really do. But he is frustrating us.

All the chores are getting very neglected, but that's normal, right? The only chore we're not ignoring is Sean's laundry, because of the lack of outfits he fits into right now because of his size. Those items need to be washed. I was totally NOT expecting a small baby, I totally was thinking that I had WAY too much newborn sized clothing, but to be honest, he actually WILL get to wear all of it!

Between my mother, sister and father-in-law (oh, ok, and a little bit me too), this kid does NOT have a lack of pictures. I've been slowly uploading pictures to my FLICKR account - so do go and check on my sidebar.

This is one spoiled kid let me tell you. He keeps getting presents and presents and presents. I wonder if there is anything he doesn't have! LOL

Alright, it's almost midnight and I should go ring in the new year with my hubby and newborn. I just wanted to come down after a feeding before bed and have a few minutes of ME time. I haven't had any lately. I hope to actually get some knitting done tomorrow. I'm jonesing to knit!

Happy NEW YEAR Everyone! May 2007 bring you everything you wish for and deserve!

In 2006 I:
Got pregnant.
Went to Vegas.
Went to Europe on my belated honeymoon.
Kicked tenants out of my apartment.
Graduated from Graphic Design School.
Learned to use my sewing machine.
Learned to cross stitch.
Learned to cable.
Learned to knit socks.
Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

In 2007 I will:
Be the best mother any son could ever ask for. And that's all that matters.

Birth story is still in progress. There is 30 hours to cover! Check back soon!


Jenny said...

I just love the pictures and that one of him in the newborn outfit is too funny! What a tiny little guy! I am sure he will grow quickly if he is feeding well. I am glad that is working our for you two.

Take it easy and get some rest!

Firefly said...
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Firefly said...

These are cute!

and here is an etsy site that shows the pee-pee tee-pees really well for copying, looks super easy!

Happy New Year!

Aura said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son. Sean is beautiful; love his beautiful big eyes. I just spent last week (of Christmas) with my daughter whose baby was born 12/18. Taite is all about cuddling and I think he is perfect. Enjoyed looking at some of your knitting projects. I love to knit as well. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year.

Alison said...

Sean is sooooooooo cute!!!

Happy new year!

Drea said...

Be prepared to get pee'd on many more times... possibly even pooped on HAHA... JOY! :-D its worst with boys it seems. Taite pee'd on Travis twice in one changing! was hilarious.

Once he gets older though he will learn to control that better :-) right now all his body knows is "OOW! its cold" resulting in pee! haha

Your lil Sean looks so serious in his photos. Maybe that means he'll be a really calm boy.

GET sleep! see ya

K. said...

Awwwwwwwww! Haven't had time to pass by yet, will try to come see my boyfriend this week! Happy new year sweetie, all the best!

Elinor said...

Congratulations! He looks so alert for a newborn! Hang in there - those first few weeks are so intense but then it gets easier, better and more fun. I have a 4 month old and it just seems to get better and better!

Barb said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Sorry too hear it was a rough night, it'll get easier :)

g-girl said...

he does look older than 3 days in that pic. love the family pic! :) oh, get used to all the visitors! if I could see my niece all the time, I would! breastfeeding will get easier (so I'm told!). you @ least want to do it so that's more than half the battle. you'll slowly but surely get into a routine, don't worry! :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness - he looks so grown up! He is going to be a gorgeous boy - he is a beautiful baby.
The three of you couldn't look happier!

Mara said...

Well said.