Monday, December 04, 2006

The Married Socks

As promised, here is a photograph of my very small front yard, with the very little bit of snow that fell over the weekend. It has not snowed since.

Today, in the mail, I finally received the stitch markers that Patty, my SP9 Hostess has mailed to me. She is super sweet and she sent them to me for no reason at all!

So last night I cast on two pairs of socks. I am making (AT THE SAME TIME) a pair for myself, and a pair for my husband. I have no name for the pattern, because I'm inventing them as I go with the Sock-u-lator, but they are going to be called the Married Socks. I'm married to my husband, and they're for us, so they're my married socks. I think that's a good title for them.

Here are the first 15 rows of each sock... my progress from last night and noon today until I left to pre-natal aqua. (The socks for me are obviously the ones with the pink in them!) I am literally knitting the exact same amount at the same time for each sock. Otherwise it's not fair, right?

Pre-natal aqua felt soooo great tonight. My membership ran out last Tuesday, so now it's just $10 per class. That's fine with me, because that just means that December will cost me 30$ (only 3 Mondays in December with classes - 4th Monday is Xmas). I honestly "forgot" that I was 35 weeks pregnant, carrying a watermelon at my waist while I was in the water tonight (besides all the baby talk in the class - lol)... I really do feel weightless and it feels sooooo fucking amazing on my joints, muscles and every other inch of my body.

When I got home from Pre-natal aqua, I came home to the two kitties on the bed fighting. I made them stop and pose for this picture, lol.

Notice my basinette in the background? It's blue and yellow to match my blue room (which I painted upon moving in!) We have a "Fly" net over the basinette right now, so the cats do not jump in. I'm SHOCKED that I have NOT yet caught the cats in the basket under the basinette. The basinette right now is on Jamie's side of the bed, but will move to mine once Sean and I return home from the hospital. Right now, with no baby, it's in the way on my side of the bed.

This is on my wish list, and it's pretty much the only thing I want right now, lol... I have NEVER seen these in a Montreal knitting store, but maybe they have them? I don't know. They're 21$ on ebay, and you can get a whole assortment of kinds. I like the ribbon ones, to support breast cancer, but they have ones with cats, dogs, you name it! Sheep ones would be cool too, but I don't think they have ones. I don't even care if I find them in wood or plastic or whatever! I just would like to find for about a size 8 (I wear a size 8 women's socks). Hmmm, maybe next year I'll invest in a pair, right now it's not in the budget/need list.

Other than that, I'm almost done Season 2 of Sopranos. (I'm addicted, what can I say?)

I feel weird about the fact that I'm in my 35th week of my pregnancy, less than 38 days left until my due date, andI have NOT had any contractions yet. I'm seeing my OBGYN on Monday at 8:15 am (lovely time, eh?) and I am going to ask about that. I'm also going to see if I've started dialating or any of that jazz (effacement?) yet. Usually that stuff starts a few weeks before a first pregnancy, so I'm going to see if I've started yet. I *think* I've felt what is known as Braxton-Hicks, where the uterus gets tight and then releases, but sometimes I'm not sure if it's just Sean moving and pressing against my belly to make it feel tight. But in regards to contractions, I haven't experienced any yet. I am at the point where I am very curious what this horrendous PAIN everyone talks about actually feels like. I'm curious how my physical and mental self will respond to this said pain. Will I even feel pain? Will I have an easy delivery? Will my son pop right out like other family members of his have. (My step-mother-in-law, both her children slid right out of her!) Will I want the epidural? Will I take it if offered? Will I be able to focus on other ways to deal with this said pain? Lots of things will happen in the next 38 days or so, and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself, as well, I'm trying to get all the loose ends tied on my to-do-before baby list. (And if some of those things don't get done, well, then, I'm on maternity leave for a year, so I suppose they can get done during that year....! There's always tomorrow!)

Tonight I was a really good wife, and I helped my hubby scan a lot of hockey cards that he wants to sell on ebay. Today, is still a .10 cent listing day on, so he's busy posting like crazy, and I'm done my portion, I just scanned 50+ hockey cards. Boys and their toys! LOL.

Now, I'm going to go crawl into bed, and watch some Sopranos. I have a hunch I'll fall asleep at a decent hour, I'm zonked from aqua! I was also up late last night watching Sopranos and then reading more of Not Buying It. I'm already at June, from her January - December 2004 year of Not Buying It!

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