Monday, December 25, 2006

What a Jew Does on Christmas

Today is my reflection of what a Jewish gal like me, does to entertain herself, at 9 months pregnant, on Christmas Day.

I first of all, slept in. That felt great. I woke up just after noon at some point, I can't recall the time exactly.

Upon getting up, I ate a bowl of yummy Sugar Crisp cereal. That stuff is full of sugar and fatening, but I'm in my 9th month of pregnancy and well, I just don't care!

Then I checked my loto ticket from Friday night:

Jamie had purchased tickets a few weeks ago, and since then we've won free tickets for the next week's drawing just for having 3 matching numbers. Wouldn't it be funny if we just keep winning free tickets until we randomly win the lottery? Ok, knock on wood, I'll keep dreaming. I have to go claim my free lottery ticket.

I made a bunch more stitch markers, and after one picture I got lazy to photograph more, so I'll have to do that tomorrow and then upload them all to my Etsy Shop for sale. Here is a sample of one of the sets I made:

These also come in pink and white (instead of the purple). I plan on selling a set of 5 stitch markers for 5.00$US plus shipping. Shipping will be very minimal as it can go as lettermail.

I also got a LOT accomplished on my baby checklist. I went to make sure that I had everything on the baby list:

Baby list is complete. The only items NOT checked off are breast milk storage bags (need to look into that and make sure also that the breast bump that I have works properly and all the pieces are there - it was a hand-me-down that was never used, but who knows if everything is there). Also, I don't have a swing for the baby or an entertainment center thingy, called an exercauser. Those two are not that important for the first few months of Sean's life. I do have 2 vibrating chairs, one upstairs and one in my office, so those can keep him napping while I'm in other rooms of the house, plus also - I have the basinette. He's not really going to "play" for the first few months anyhow. Not until he can sit up and keep his head stable anyhow.

I also worked on my hospital bag. A lot of the items are last minute anyhow, like the popsicles for during labor, my slippers which I wear regularly, plus clothes to wear there after giving birth, and to come home in (for me)... because I wear the limited amount of clothes that still fit me, I can't pack them yet. But all of Sean's hospital outfits and his perfect "coming home from the hospital outfit" are packed and ready to go.

Today I worked on some knitting. I realized that my knitting needles match my nail polish! I am quite concerned though, I don't think my nail polish is going to last long, I notcied after getting home that the polish didn't go quite to the edges of my nail, she did a good job, but my nails have been growing SUPER fast, now that I'm pregnant, and it just won't last long at all. Oh well, what can I do?

Both cats joined me today while I knit on the couch. I watched a bit of the Eagles vs. Cowboys game with Jamie (he's a HUGE Eagles fan) GO EAGLES! And then after the game (and a delicious dinner prepared by my hubby so I didn't have to stand on my swollen feet), we watched Deal or No Deal and then 1 vs. 100 on NBC. There was nothing else on.

Here is the progress of casting on the Column of Leaves Pattern, which the awesome woman I'm spoiling in SP9 kindly emailed me, and even though it's a pattern you REALLY need to concentrate on, I can follow it and watch TV at the same time! But it really required concentration. I have no idea how the pattern author mentions that after a few repeats you get the hang of it and memorize it, because it's an 8 row pattern repeat, and NO TWO ROWS ARE THE SAME! Is she mental for suggesting it's memorizable? (Is that even a word??)

As promised:

4th Day of my 38th week of Pregnancy! Wow - I'm busting! I have been in PJ's since Friday night when we got home from dinner, (yes, I change my pj's daily!) and just to show, this Habs tshirt is a medium. I have it in Medium (which is mine) and in Large (which is Jamie's). (I got them both for free for filling out credit card applications at the Habs game - lol... they never sent me a credit card though - ha ha - but I got these 2 free tshirts in the process. (I've been living in them literally! I do wash them - don't worry!) But above, I'm barely fitting in my size Medium anymore, Jamie's Large fits well over my son in my belly!

And just for fun - here is a shot of my face being exfoliated with that wonderful face mask stuff I purchased the other day when I picked up my antibiotics.

Notes to mention:

- I did NOT yet finish Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston but I did get to read a bunch more pages. Maybe tonight I'll finish it. It's such an easy and quick read - but I fell asleep last night reading.

- I FOUND the missing baby sock. I had lost a baby sock while doing a load of reds. There was a bunch of sweaters, tshirts, socks, pants, shorts, all reds, done in a load together. 4 socks went into the dryer, but upon folding them, I only found 3. Today, I inspected every arm and every foot, and found the missing sock.

- Speaking of missing socks, I even found one of MY socks in the foot of a baby sleeper. A sock that went missing a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what happened to it! Found!

- However, I am still missing one Winnie the Pooh scratch mitten - that got lost in the wash, and I can't find. Maybe it'll eventually turn up. Just like the sock did!

I have not left the house since Friday night upon returning from dinner for my mother's birthday. It feels great to just veg around the house. It also feels great to NOT spend money. While I was *thinking* about going to the opening of Fabricville around the corner from my house tomorrow, I decided against it. I had a dream last night that I bought material there at their grand opening, to make a handbag that matches my diaper bag. I do not need any more material, and I actually have material that matches my diaper bag, and could make a nice tote bag from it, as well as a skirt that I want to make - once my child bearing hips go back to normal. So, I will STAY in tomorrow, and not go anywhere. I do not need the sales that are going on in ANY stores... so I will stay in, because I don't need to spend money for the sake of spending money. This plan sounds great to me.

So, this is how I spent my Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. I hope Santa brought you everything you asked for! Whether it be knitting related or not!

ps - My Knitting & Crochet Library are now listed on my sidebar, with links (incase you want more information on the book!)


Karine said...

Ze belly is getting a little out of control...

Holly Burnham said...

I love the baby list....what a good idea. Happy delivery.....

Patty said...

You're such a goof! But a fun goof. I got my little package today, thank you!!!!

I'll post later about it - you crazy preggers woman, you. :-)

Knitting Mama said...

Karine - Ze belly is OUT of control. Baby must come out soon!

Thanks for the good wishes Holly - (you have no blog linked to your profile - if you check back, let me know how I can stop by your blog and say hello!)

Patty - you are SOOOO very welcome - can't wait to see your blog later!

Jenny said...

I am impressed that the belly fits into a medium--I don't think mine does anymore and I have a long way to go still!

Miss said...

Eek! can't wait to see you two soon!

Firefly said...

Let me just say that you will definitely love having those vibrating chairs! When I nanny'ed in France "my baby" had one of those chairs but it was old school and didn't vibrate so I had to keep it constantly moving with either a hand or a foot. He loved his chair, it was a lifesaver and the fact that yours are automatic is awesome, I would have killed for one!

ScrapHappy said...

How are you feeling now, chica?
Love the photo of you with the exfoliation stuff -- priceless!
You look so organized. Awesome!
And I finished my stitch markers -- finally! They are super cute, I promise. :)