Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taco Bell Opens in Quebec!! (Oh and Mary got Opal!)

So now I'm going through a phase where I'm not sleeping in. I just can't sleep in anymore. Jamie leaves for work, and poof - I'm up! No alarm - nothing. Just wide-awakeness!

Today I loaded up my images and posted in my Etsy Shop. I'm now online. Once I've finished all the tons and tons of stitch markers that are in progress, I think I may offer to Secret Pal 9, that I've got stitch markers for sale, and I can mail them directly to their secret pals. Maybe some of my stuff will sell - that would be really cool. Hopefully over the next couple of days I'll finish everything up (beading) and get those on track.

Just MINUTES after posting my sales, Marga bought my Firefly Stitch Markers. Thanks Marga! They're already in the mail to you! Enjoy! (And I even added in a little something extra for her!) I'll be making more Firefly Stitch Markers incase anyone is interested.

I was browsing Etsy today, and came across this: (So simple to make, and kinda funny actually!)

Sean will be giving Nana & Zayda (Zayda is yiddish for Grandpa) this above gift for the holidays. It's now wrapped, but I wanted to photograph it before it went into the bag. It's a poker picture frame, with his picture in it. I thought it was really cute. Jamie's dad and step-mom are HUGE texas hold'em players.... I thought it was appropriate!

Guess what???????????? The FIRST EVER Taco Bell is now open in Quebec. Now I don't have to go to Ottawa, Ontario or Plattsburgh, New York for Taco Bell. They opened up minutes from my parents house - (like 20 minutes without traffic from my house). Oh, I think I'm having a taco craving. I kid you not. I believe they opened yesterday. They are in alliance with KFC (or rather PFK in Quebec!)

I finally took Sean's Lobster out of the packaging today. This Lobster, is a laundry basket or toy basket. It'll be a toy basket for him to keep his toys in, to play with in our basement. Isn't it just ADORABLE????

In other news before I talk about going to our local Stitch 'N Bitch tonight, I went back again to my local police station, AFTER CALLING THIS TIME - to make sure there was someone there trained to install a newborn carrier into my car. The guy who answered the phone said that there was. I said I would be by shortly. I think I was there like 45 minutes later, and yet again, like yesterday, I JUST MISSED the person or people who are trained to install the seat. Now, I probably could read the instructions and do it myself, but - there is NO wiggle room with those, and well - with my belly - there is no room for me to do it! And to be honest, I'd rather the police station to do it - not my procrastinating hubby.... (he's said a couple of times he'd do it, and well - hasn't!) I was told someone should be there between 11 am - 1pm tomorrow and I will call and RESERVE the person before going in. The station - is LITERALLY around the corner from my house. I kid you not. THAT close!

Today, I discovered what a REALLY BAD period cramp must feel like. I've never had a really bad one, (just mild), but I had a contraction while in the parking lot of the post office around the corner from my house (had a few things to mail out for Jamie) and well - it was awful - but I did some breathing, and then it passed. I think it lasted almost a minute. It was this awful pain, and my uterus got really really really hard. Harder than I've ever felt it go. So - I guess they're starting! But they're not regular at all - and not all as bad. I think I've had a few today, but nothing to start me into labor, not yet anyhow!

This afternoon I beaded a bit more, and I started working on a secret knitting project (I'll reveal it once done - it'll be a quick knit). I'll give all the details afterwards.

Tonight, I had a good time at the Montreal Knits Meetup (SNB). We were a nice little crowd. (Angela, Alison P, Peggy, Jennie E., Deawn, Kadi & Mary showed up for a few minutes with some goodies! More about that below). It was Alison's first meeting, and she had a really good time, especially since she drove all the way into town from Terrebonne in traffic nonetheless!!!

These Teething Pain Relievers are from Deawn. She brought them to me for Sean, for when he's teething and is crying. You give him one dose, and apparently it's supposed to let the baby stop crying. Anyhow, she got them for free from Pharmaprix near her, so I told her to grab a few more boxes for me!

This is a picture of Deawn taking a picture of me taking a picture. Do you follow? It was funny.

Jamie asked me for 8 inches in his sock before I turned the heel. Finally - I've knit 8 inches of sock number one, and I'll add a few more to my sock, before turning the heels on both. I do not want my socks to be 8 inches tall - because USUALLY - I only wear ankle socks (tennis socks). But for some reason, this pregnancy has allowed me to want to knit a pair of socks a little bit longer than just ankle socks. So mine will be maybe half of Jamie's length - so let's say 4 inches or so for mine. I'll be working on mine tomorrow, so I will post some pictures. Tomorrow, I have nothing going on - but some more chores, so I hope to watch a movie or something, relax and get some knitting done! And maybe some more in that Cross Stitch for my mother. I also have a sock monkey that I want to make for Sean.

So, Mary (who lives just above the coffee shop - lucky girl!), stopped by our Stitch 'N Bitch tonight, as the Opal yarn I INSISTED her brand new company (Online Yarn Shop - called Ariadne Knits) HAD to order! Ariadne was supposed to get online tonight, but it has not yet been uploaded. Maybe tomorrow??? Anyhow, I was telling Mary that I have been eyeing two different colorways from Opal's Rainforest Collection, and she was able to get both! However, she was only able to get it in 6 ply (which is a good thing, because it'll make for a more durable sock), and not in 4 ply - which is what I'm used to knitting with for sock yarn. So without any more delay - I present to you - my 2 new fave balls of yarn:

Above - Opal Rain Forest Flamingo!

And Opal Rain Forest Ladybug.

Now, to be honest, I find that 18.60$ is a LOT for a ball of yarn (cost me 38$ for both with my 10% off Montreal Knits Discount) (Thank goodness for Paypal payments for their online shop, so I could pay for it by Visa! Hee hee!) But still - that's a lot for a sock yarn. That's why I only bought 1 ball of each - lol... I can't wait to finish my married socks, and my mother-in-law's birthday purse (which I should get cracking on - her birthday is Saturday - thank goodness I have some lee-way time - as they're going to be in Toronto from Friday morning - Wednesday or Thursday for Xmas - so I have some extra knitting time) and then I have a scarf I want to knit for myself - my secret project to finish knitting - and then perhaps another pair of socks with my new yarn!

My good friend Lainie, in California, sent me this picture of her at Starbucks today with her daughter. It's such a sweet picture, and I love it. I can't wait to have my own son to kiss and hug and give my heart to! I'm sure he'll win my heart the instant he's born. I have no doubt about it. Something about this image of Lainie and her daughter, just made me want to cry (tears of love and laughter of course!)

Isn't it just precious?

And with that... I bid you a good night and sweet dreams.


Patty said...

Wow. That picture of Sean is so unbelievably real - looks more like he's just behind a gold curtain than in your belly. Technology these days, yowza.

I think that's a great present!!

Jenny said...

I think it is so funny how excited you are about a Taco Bell in Quebec. Just wondering...if KFC is Quebec is PFK (Poule Frite de Kentucky, I assume?), then how come Taco Bell isn't Cloche du Taco? :-)
But then again, I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts (since I am originally from Connecticut) and they have none out there so whenever I go back east, I always load up! Crazy the cravings we have!

ScrapHappy said...

I love that yarn you're using for Jamie's sock -- very camo!

The Taco Bell pic cracked me up with "The COlonel" in the background and then the "Sortie" sign. Too funny!

Sean is just such a cutie -- you can tell already...

And thanks for the nice words about Kinsey and me! Wait till I show her the picture of her on someone else's blog!!

Oh, I think I should get my own "coding" for the blog entry. ;)

K. said...

Yay Taco Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must go and load up on chimichangas! :-) Yesterday was soooo much fun, thank you for taking tose pics for me! Can't wait to see you again!

barbn_77 said...

I seen your Etsy shop...Looks great, only I don't have paypal :( otherwise i'd buy some of your markers..I LOVE Taco Bell also...mmmmmmm and those Opal yarns are georgeous, I really like the more pinkish one can't wait too see the socks from them :)

ajvilla said...
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Jo said...

Yay!!! Taco Bell, now where is it, really? LOL! ;)