Sunday, December 17, 2006

Every Day is Sunday

To me, being at home at the end of my pregnancy, every day is a Sunday to me. However, today, I got to share it with my hubby. I just love that. We spent the entire day in our pj's just chilling out.

This morning I did run out to my GP's house. He's the doctor friend. He gave me some good news - I don't have bronchitis! PHEW! Which is a good thing. Thought, he wrote down this odd mixture of stuff to boil (I'll have to do it tomorrow, I'm missing 2 things I need for it, so I'll talk about it tomorrow). He didn't want to give me antibiotics for my dry cough, due to the fact that I'm at the very end of my pregnancy. And you know what? I don't blame him. At least the Robitussin is helping for now.

We brought home fresh Montreal bagels - mmmm - and had a delicious brunch! Then we chilled and watched Survivor from Thursday night, an episode of Entourage, and then the movie You, Me and Dupree. It was funny stupid.

I made dinner tonight, Gnocchi with my step-mother-in-law's tofu sauce, and some salad and garlic bread. We then sat down to watch tonight's finale of Survivor Cook Islands.

All throughout the tv watching today, I worked on Jamie's "married sock". The reason I worked on his, is because he wants the leg part (including the top ribbing) to be 8 inches long, where I don't want my sock that long, so I worked more on his today. I'm about 2-4 rows away from 8 inches now, and then I'll see where my sock is at, and then I'll start turning the heel.

Here is almost 8 inches of his sock (above).

Patty, my Secret Pal 9 Hostess received a surprise in the mail this past week, I mailed her out some stitch markers, because she had mailed me some. Just like that. Above is what I made for her! Little feet from the mommy-to-be me! I like both fancy and simple stitch markers, ones that yarn doesn't get caught in, cuz I've had yarn rip due to getting stuck. The simpler the better. But nice and fancy too works, if it's non-yarn catching! LOL. I am sooo excited to see what stitch markers I'll get in the mail from the swap I hosted! Very excited to see what comes!

Zeus made himself comfortable on my yarn bag (that holds my sock project) - how cute!

I had fun tonight playing around with Flickr Toys. So I made myself a badge. And I loaded my flickr banner into my sidebar.

Along the lines of coming to terms, I've realized that, I have much more of an appreciation for my body now, after going through almost a complete pregnancy, than I've ever had before. Before becoming pregnant, I was always self-conscious, and now, I just appreciate my body so much more. Of course I'm going to try to get back into shape after giving birth, but I will just not obsess over it, and it'll happen when it happens. No deadlines, no nothing! Just breastfeeding, exercise, eating healthy and staying active! How's that for a new year's resolution?!

Tomorrow I've got my weekly OBGYN appointment. I hope Sean has dropped and perhaps I've started to dialate?? I'll keep you posted once I blog tomorrow!

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Rhoda said...

your flickr badge is cute! those baby feet stitch markers are adorable too. :)