Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Frogging Socks & Free Online Calendar

Last night, I managed to read September, October and November in NOT BUYING IT: MY YEAR WITHOUT SHOPPING by Judith Levine. I do have to admit that a lot of it is boring and very political, but I'm still kinda enjoying it at the same time. It's really hard to explain. And I've got just about 20-25 pages left in the book, and at this point, I'm going to finish reading it - but I'm not really 100% enjoying it. (I'd say maybe only 65% enjoying it - which means I don't half hate it, so I'll continue reading for now). So close to the end, I just want to finish it already, and move on.

Got up today at around 12:30pm, and shortly afterwards, my grandmother called to see if I wanted to go out for lunch. So we went to Harvey's for a hamburger, and then we went to do a return at Walmart. While at Walmart I picked up laundry detergent (I'm trying Tide Liquid for the first time - it's sooo much cheaper than Tide powder for the same amount of loads of laundry), and toilet paper. We're down to our last roll of toilet paper, so it was that time to buy some!

After Walmart we ended up going to Winners, I bought nothing, even though there was PLENTY of super cute baby items, but my grandmother found boots. She was actually looking for an end table for her dinning room (to put food on and stuff when guests come over to play cards, or whatever, and there is no room on the table) but didn't find what she was looking for. While in that mall we saw that Bon Cop, Bad Cop is playing at the Dollar Cinema, so I'm going to go with her on Friday to see the movie. We have a date at 3pm.

This evening I went to the Second Cup for the Montreal Knits NDG meetup. My friend Jennie showed up tonight, and I was finally able to give her the birthday gift that I have had for her 26th birthday which was November 10th. In it, was a hat that I knitted for her (I've previously knitted this hat for someone else before, for the first Booty Swap that I did, so Marga received a similar hat!) So now that she's received it - I can finally post it!

She tried it on, and the color looks great on her. I'm glad she likes her gifts. Jennie, has also mentioned that Sean has definitely dropped/lowered (she's training to be a nurse!) I am sooo relieved that someone has mentioned this - because I can't really tell myself. I really hope that this is a good sign that he'll be here soon, because as you've been reading - We're SOOOO ready!! Hee hee!

Speaking of gifts, I've received my Chanukah present from my sister. She got me the Stitch 'N Bitch 2007 calendar as well as the 2007 Knitting Calendar. I love them both, but have not yet really sat down and looked through them properly. Very excited to look through them. (The clock in the middle was given out as a loot bag at a dinner party that Jamie went to tonight for work - very cheesy clock - on a DVD-R - I guess for a computer supply company, it suits them! I don't have a clock for my office, so it was perfect for me. Won't complain, it was free!!!)

In the 2007 SNB Calendar, I got a coupon code for a free online calendar (mailed to me daily) for one of their other calendars. There are sooo much to choose from - I have no idea which one to choose? Has anyone had any of these before? I don't need the Stitch N Bitch one (which is on their list below!) as I have it in real life - but wouldn't mind getting another one by e-mail! Just can't decide which one!

Brainteasers 2007
Cats 2007
Dogs 2007
Golf 2007
Cars 2007
Country Wisdom 2007
Book 2007
Duct Tape 2007
Wait, Wait....2007
Stupidest 2007
Mensa 2007
Sudoku 2007
Ripley's, Believe It...2007
Uncle John's 2007
Women 2007
Trivia 2007
Bible 2007
Jokes 2007
Tunes 2007
Wine 2007
Zen 2007
14,000 Things 2007
Beer 2007
Cocktails 2007 Sports 2007
Age Doesn't Matter...2007
Words 2007
Dads 2007
Moms 2007
Fact or Crap 2007
Bad Cat 2007
1,000 Places 2007
Stitch 2007
Why Do Men...2007
Bad Dog 2007

What to choose? What to choose!?

Tonight at knitting I frogged my sock, and re-cast on the new amount of stitches. For some weird reason it looks like TOO many now, but I guess I won't be able to tell until I've knit up a bunch of rows, and try it on. Maybe I'm just freaked out because I frogged almost 30 rows of knitting and have to re-start, that I don't want to re-start again. That would suck!
Peggy helped me start my Cross Stitch, which is on my list of things to accomplish before Sean's born. (Still a lot of stuff on that list, but we'll see how much I can actually get done. Anyhow, we'll see how fast I can get it done, I think I understand how to do it now. It's a gift for my mother, and it was supposed to be for Mother's Day 2006.... and now we'll see if I can get it to her by Chanukah 2006. Maybe! Just maybe! Once it's done, I'll post a picture of my final result, it's really cute though, I think. It will look like this once done: (Found this on the internet)

Jamie also got this bottle of Sparkling Ice Cider, which I can't wait to try after giving birth! It was another gift that he got tonight upon leaving the dinner party. Gotta love free stuff. What's funny - is that it came with the price tag STILL on it! Can you believe that?? How Silly! Mmmm, ice cider!


kadi said...

Hey stranger! It's been too long...I can't wait to be able to start coming to meetings again (next week can't come soon enough!)

Miss you guys!

Rhoda said...

you lucked out! you got a lot of nice goodies!I couldn't choose either!