Saturday, December 09, 2006

Habs Game

Slept in until about 11:15 am today. Then we got ready and went for lunch with Jamie's mom and her wife. Jamie told me I was right about this restaurant that we went to - he remembered it being different than it was. I stuck to just a few of the 'safe' item in the buffet, and made sure not to over-eat. This restaurant really is nasty.

This afternoon Jamie & I went to do a return at Sears and I couldn't find a teflon pot (I need a medium size pot), so I'll look at another Sears (or my grandmother suggested I try looking at Canadian Tire). Then we headed to the Baie, where Jamie had received an early birthday and chanukah gift certificate from his dad and step-mom) and needed a new winter jacket. With his gift certificates, he ended up getting a brand new jacket (The Baie was having 40% off on all winter jackets - what a great deal) a new thick winter sweater in a nice charcoal grey, and a new pair of winter gloves, and still has money left over!) The guy at the cash was an idiot. Basically, the gloves were only supposed to be 15% off, but the girl at the cash next to him, told him they were the 30% off ones, so I kept my mouth shut. Then, Jamie mentioned that he'll pay the difference on his HBC credit card, so this weekend, if you use your HBC credit card, you get an additional 10% off on your entire purchase. (They guy new we had a gift certificate). Anyhow, what ended up happening, is that extra 10% off the entire purchase, brought the amount down significantly, and the gift certificate ended up covering the entire amount (with a bit of money left over on it) and well - we saved a ton of money today and had to pay nothing out of our own pockets! Jamie was super happy about this. And he loves his new jacket, sweater and gloves! Now he's all set for winter! (I can't wait until I give birth so I can fit back into my boots (ankles are too swollen to fit into them!) and into my own winter jacket - and not a borrowed one that my belly fits into!) Oh - I can't wait!

Tonight we went to the hockey game. The Habs played Buffalo. It was a good game (I got 2 rows knitted during 1 intermission on my sock) and we lost 3-2 in a shootout. Buffalo is the number one team in our division and conference, so to get a point for going to a shootout with them, is fantastic!

Here is our boys after the 2nd goal of the night, tying up the game! Spotlight is on them!
Our seats (season tickets) give us a great view of the last 4 flags for the last 4 stanley cups won. I took a picture of it.... just cuz!

This video above is of the National Athem being sung before the game. The crowd goes WILD after it's over - it's a great feeling while you're there!

This video above is of the 2nd goal of the evening. I was filming the crowd screaming "GO HABS GO" and they scored while I was videoing! Fantastic!

I told Jamie on the way home in the card tonight, that since he didnt get me an anniversary card this year (we were in Europe and his excuse was he forgot) I told him he's not getting a birthday card from me this year. He says he doesn't need a birthday card, that he knows I love him. LOL. He's funny. He did say that if I don't get a him a birthday card next year, that he expects his son to get him one. (Or make him one with the help of his mommy! LOL)

I realized that I don't do much these days. Trying to do last minute chores and sleep as much as I can. I've been slowly washing all of the baby stuff (Gotta pre-wash everything! Trying to get every last bit washed) and I need to finish packing my hospital bag (not done yet - and it could be any day now... so I should get on top of that!) The car seat needs to be installed into my car properly. I've gotta take my car into Acura this week as I don't think my car starter ever worked from the beginning. I need someone to look at it. This week I've got my Monday morning 8:15 am OBGYN apt, and Jamie will drop me off, and hopefully it won't be too cold to walk home. Tuesday I'm going to a movie at 3pm with my grandmother. Wednesday I think I may have plans at night with 2 friends, but I will play it by ear, and see how I feel. Thursday, I'm supposed to be spending the day in the west island at my parents house, and then watching the game at night with my siblings, Jamie and Paul (who is dog sitting at my parents house, since my parents are in Mexico til next Saturday), but once again, we'll see how I feel.

Jamie doesn't want me driving any more. Unless it's just around the corner. He is afraid, that since I need both my legs to drive stick, that what if I get a contraction while driving and cause an accident or something. He's probably right, I shouldn't be going too far by car on my own.

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