Saturday, December 02, 2006

Apple Cakes and Cups of Yarn

The Cup-of-Yarn Scarf Knitting Kit is a really cute idea, however, it's:

"Delightful kit includes 270 yards of acrylic yarn, bamboo knitting needles and instruction booklet. Completed scarf is machine-washable and shrink-proof. Imported."

270 yards of ACRYLIC! Blech. Too bad it wasn't something a little more natural! LOL

Today, I slept in until 2pm. Yeah - I blame my hubby for not waking me up sooner. Upon getting up and eating a bowl of Lucky Charms (my current cereal of choice), I went to the grocery store to pick up apples for the cake I baked for dinner tonight, and picked up a few things at the pharmacy, and also hit the bank.

Came home, baked apple cakes. (One to bring to dinner and one for us at home). My mother requested an apple cake for our dinner tomorrow night at my parents house, so I'll have to go out tomorrow morning and buy a few more apples (the 2nd cake I made today is NOT big enough for the 10 people that we'll be tomorrow night).

Tonight we went to dinner off the island (in Longueuil), to visit Jamie's friend Michel & his long time (common law wife at this point) Louise. We were joined by Louise's friend Chantale and her boyfriend Jean-Marc as well as their 7 month old boy Olivier. What a cutie! Dinner was nice, we had a beef & onion bouillion fondu, and I tried deer for the first time. It was delicious! (I'm still not crazy about trying horse - but I gave in and tried deer!) I've been VERY daring during this pregnancy! I've tried mushrooms (still think they are fungus though), and duck while in Europe. And now, to add to that list of daring tries, Deer! It's amazing the things I didn't know I'd like or not like (mushrooms!) Has anyone else ever been daring to try things while pregnant?

The hardest part of getting together with friends, is watching them all enjoy glasses of wine, when I can't. It's the one thing I can't wait to have again - a nice glass of red. Oh - I dream. I can taste it... only a little over a month away, and I can enjoy 1 glass of red. (I plan on breast feeding, so I just want ONE!)

This afternoon I took some 35 week photos. I "think" my belly has lowered a bit.. but I can't tell myself. And my hubby has no clue either (men!)

Here is a picture of Jamie tonight with the apple cake I baked. We put in a candle for his birthday (which is next Sunday):

I got no knitting done today. I'm going to go crawl up in bed and read. I'm really into the book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping (very interesting). I'm just not in a knitting mood right now. I'm not into any of the projects I have going. I hope it's just a phase. Maybe I need to start something new. The purse I'm knitting for my MIL, it's not exactly what I was hoping for, with the yarn that I got. I'm going to work on it a little further and see, but right now, I'm just not sure. I have still a while, her birthday isn't until the 23rd, and they're in Toronto for Xmas this year, so we'll probably celebrate everything when they return after the 27th. Still plenty of time (unless Sean is born early!) - which now I'm hoping for, because I'm sooo ready! It's "that" point of the pregnancy. Thursday marks my 36th week - the start of my 9th month, and you know what? I'm done! Ready! Fully ready! Not scared anymore. Not nervous anymore either! I'm just spent!

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