Sunday, December 03, 2006

It Snowed!

It snowed today, and I didn't take any pics yet. (Tomorrow!) I don't think this snow is going anywhere soon, so I'll get a chance to photograph it tomorrow!

I was playing around with my camera and colors today, and this is one of my fave shots that I took. I love the color arrangments! Color is sooo much fun to play with!

Tonight we went to my parents house for dinner, and my sister took some photographs of me.

Here are my 35 weeks 3 days shots:

I still think my belly is tiny for 35 weeks! I really hope Sean's not a big baby, so this could be a good thing!

Tonight, I met Piper. She's the beauty in the front, and Bosco, is the beauty in the back. Piper is so tiny compared to Bosco! Ah, they're sooo good together. Piper is a little scared of men, which is funny, because she lived with two men before coming to us.

My parents had a cake for Jamie for his birthday tonight, so more blowing out the candles for him! Cake was sooo delicious (Oreo cake!)

I don't really like this picture of myself. I had just thrown my hair up and uch! Oh well. I feel uch anyhow! Time to have the baby already! LOL.

My slice of Oreo cake just before I dug in. It was delicious let me tell you! Hee hee!

I wound 2 cakes tonight of sock yarn. One ball of Regia color 5045 (blues) for Jamie's socks and one ball of Trekking XXL Color 161 for myself. (The Trekking was a gift from Lil Rose Thorn for the booty swap!) Jamie requested a pair of socks, and I'd like a pair for myself, so I figured I'll knit them both at the same time (knitting A.D.D.) and this way neither of us can complain that the other socks will be done first! Hee hee - I'm smart - aren't I - for a pregger?

Alright, I'm going to go cast on and watch Desperate Housewives which I taped from this evening. And then more Sopranos it is! (I watched 3 episodes of Season 2 last night, in a row, and then read - I couldn't fall asleep! I was in bed, with the lights out watching TV, not tired, and then I used a flash light (I felt like I was at camp!) to read, to not disturb Jamie!)


knitgirl63 said...

I'm so jealous of the snow. We keep getting just dustings that barley cover anything. Grrr. Gimme some of your snow!

raeshadrz said...

I think your belly really has started to drop:) I love all your pictures:) The umbrellas are adorable!!