Monday, October 16, 2006

Boo-ty Swap

This morning I worked on a poster for my father's company and then headed out to meet my cousin Jenn at the LYS by her, to pick out some yarn for the elephant she's knitting baby Sean. While there, I found these cute keychains. I picked up the green one for my Secret Pal, which I am putting in a card and mailing tomorrow - and the other one - for me! Too cute to resist not buying one!

While at the LYS - I saw that they had the Knit Lites in various sizes. I couldn't justify buying one for myself, even if I do want a pair BADLY! I don't even know what size I'd buy - but I liked the pink ones! Hee hee. I just kinda wanted a pair! Oh well - I'll put them on my wishlist. Maybe for Xmas/Chanukah or something!

Upon arriving home, I decided that I HAD to make curtains for my office. I do not want to see my neighbor anymore. I can see his garage door when standing up in my office and I don't want him looking into my office either. (My window goes into our driveway, which houses our garages). Anyhow, this is what I came up with:

Right now it's on a dowel (spelling?) that Jamie picked up at the hardware store the other day for another project, and had leftover. I had a pieces of material EXACTLY the right size (from a swap earlier on during the year with Jenn B. of Scissorspaperglue. I hemmed the bottom and made a slit at the top for the wood to pass through, so the material would stay. I think my sewing skills are improving a lot!

Today - I got my BOOTY swap in the mail that Marga Hosted! Makes me feel bad that I have not mailed out mine yet - but the deadline was not until October 28th, and so I still have time. I am just about done putting mine together, so I'll probably finish that up tomorrow and get to the post office probably on Wednesday to mail out mine.

Here's the AWESOME loot that I got from Lil-Rose-Thorn:

I got yarn, and chocolate, and a book for baby Sean, and 2 pairs of socks for me!

She handmade this paper thing. I LOVE IT. I have it hanging on my desk.

The absolute BEST part of this package was the two orange-y toned yarns!

This is handpainted yarn from a local Alberta artist.
I love, love, love, love, love, love, love it! I can't even describe my love for it!

And the awesome colours in this ball of Trekking XXL yarn. (My 2nd ball of Trekking XXL that I now own!) My sock yarn collection is expanding! (Giggle)!

Thank you very very much Lil-Rose-Thorn! I love love love love it! Marga did a good job matching you up with me. I am very happy! Thanks Marga! (Hee hee!)

Tonight I went to pre-natal aqua, and tonight we had a fuller class. We were about 6 of us, one girl pregnant due on Xmas, and I was the next in line. The other girls, due in February and March of 2007. The girl who is due 2 weeks before me, is smaller than me in the belly! I hope that doesn't mean that I am going to have a huge baby! LOL. I hope Sean is easy sliding out! I don't need a big baby to push out!

Speaking of Sean - while I was out with Jenn today - we stopped to grab something to eat (I was hungry, as usual) and after eating, I had my arms resting on my belly, and I guess Sean didn't like that I was pressing against my belly or something, and he kicked my arms off my belly! It was the first time he's done that; felt me and kicked me off! It was actually pretty cool.

I got some knitting done tonight on Jamie's 2nd sock. I have about 30 ish odd rows to knit before closing the toes and then I can move onto antoher WIP, so that I can finish all my UFO's. That's the plan before starting anything new! Even the purse for my mother-in-law's birthday. I can't start that until I'm done my started projects!


Firefly said...

Wow, you got your package already! I was worried that people would send them out really late(didn't want a swap-bot situation). Yes it is Brockville,Ontario. Have you seen a foot poke out yet, that picture of the foot in the belly was unbelievable, did you ever find out if it is true?

K. said...

Nice, that's a great package! Thanks for the Moebius thing! Sadly, I won't be able to make it tomorrow night, but I'll see you at the next knitting thing!

Thanks again!

lil rose thorn said...

Glad you likes your package!

Lain said...

These yarns are gorgeous!
Did I ever tell you I got stiffed by my last SP? No big "reveal" package. I emailed the coordinator to let her know -- TWICE -- but she never even responded.