Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Shower #1

I had a really good time today at my baby shower. This one was with Jamie's step-family and a few members of Jamie's dad's family. It was really good to see Jamie's first cousin Bonnie, and his Aunt (and even his Uncle came by with Jamie's dad after the party - they live in Ottawa, so it's rare to get to see them!) Also, Bonnie has just recently (within the last year) lost 85 lbs, and looks fantastic! I am sooooo impressed with her new outlook on life and things, and I wish her the best of luck! I swear to god, it literally looks like she was cut in half. She looks fantastic!

Bonnie, also, brought me a Mother-to-be crown, which was a lot of fun, and I wore it the entire party!

Jamie's cousin Val baked cookies (she always does) and her icing techniques are just to die for:

Maybe she'll give me a cookie lesson some day!

To share a present that I got - my mother's Great Dane Bosco bought Sean a present. He got him the HUGEST dog possible. I have NO IDEA where I'm going to put this
- but I guess I'll find somewhere!

There was really nice decorations.

And cute baby booties as decorations as well.
(No they're not handknit, unfortunately, and yes, of course I had to ask!)

The most touching gift I received was the baby blanket that Jamie's Bubbie Rose crochet over 30 years ago. Jamie was brought home from the hospital in it, then his sister a few years later was brought home in it, and then Merlyn (my 4 year old nephew was brought home from the hospital in it, and now my son will be brought home from the hospital in it). I will put it away after he's brought home in it - for future children in my family, and then for their children one day. I think it is a really nice tradition. I think I'm going to get a nice box to keep it in, as well.

The one gift I was SHOCKED that I got, was a crib bedding set (I wasn't expecting it, since I have Merlyn's bear set, which was handed down to us), but I fell in love with this one set at the store that I ordered the crib from. Now, the set was 350$ plus - just for bedding - yeah, crazy, eh? So I kinda just admired it and moved on.... but..... to my surprise, Jamie's step-family chipped in a bunch of them, and got it for baby Sean. It's to die for. Sean better like Sheep - because his knitting mommy does!

There is an entire collection that goes along with the 4 pieces in the set. It's gorgeous colours, let me tell you. I'm loving it. And since I can't have it in my room - lol, Sean's room is the next best thing. From the collection I got yesterday: The fitted bed sheet, pillow, bumper pad, duvet and the bed skirt. I haven't taken it out of the packaging yet, but I just love love love love it. Here's the entire collection:

Sean got some REALLY nice stuff yesterday. I can't wait til he's born to wear some of the outfits he got! And I ended up getting 4 bibs yesterday, so the bib count is now at 49 bibs (plus 1 more in the hand-me-down box that Jamie's sister brought in from out of town yesterday, so that's now 50 bibs).... OY! Sean got: 228 diapers from Nana & Zayda, another bag of diapers from Jamie's sister, about 10 outfits from various people, a first year book and first year picture frame (the frame has a slot for one picture a month, and then a big one for the 1st birthday picture) both from my sister, a gorgeous photo album, the huge stuffed dog from Bosco, a Montreal Canadiens bib & matching booties (that was one of the bibs I got) - from my sister, a diaper bag from my grandmother, a feeding set by Safety First (for when he's starting to eat), a crib mobile, crib toys, washcloths, a teddy bear, some rattle toys, some Pj's - and some many other little things, that I can't remember at the moment. What a spoiled kid. Oh, and my parents, also got his name spelled out, but with Classic Winnie the Pooh letters. My mom wants me to bring it to next weeks baby shower, to re-open (along with the big dog from Bosco), so I'll photograph it next week - because the name thing is just stunning.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am EFFICIENT with my thank you cards. They've already been pre-selected (found them this week, and had to buy them - they're not official thank you cards, just blank cards, but I thought since it was photography and little boys, it was appropriate, seeing as though I'm having a boy).

Aren't they the cutest things ever? It's by Photographer Tom Arma. I just love his work. Since my engagement, bridal and wedding thank you cards (Yes - even the 200+ wedding thank you's) went out the day after the event, I plan on being as efficient with the baby shower cards. Mail doesn't go out on Sundays, so I plan to have them in the mail on Monday. I only have 22 to write for baby shower #1 - so that isn't a problem at all.

The shower started at 2pm, and I didn't leave until after 10pm. Some people started trickling out between 5-6pm, but some family stayed, and it was nice to chat with them. I really had a good time, and everyone was just so generous! And my mother-in-law did a fantastic job with the food, everything was homemade. Nothing store bought! (Well, except for the ingredients to make the food).

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