Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Afternoon of Knititng

This morning I got up with enough time to go to Walmart (had to buy lining for the drawers in the baby's room) and pick up a few other items, and then have just enough time to bake some muffins (blueberry of course) before my guests started arriving for a little crafternoon, which turned into a knitting afternoon, because that's the craft everyone brought. It was just a little get together (my den can only hold 4-5 people at one time) and so I had Jenn working on the elephant she's knitting for baby Sean, and Kadi winding yarn into cakes, and Sharon worked on her gorgeous sweater, and Karine - well, she frogged something she was working on, use my ball winder to make a cake with it (now she wants a bally winder!) (you see I'm a BAD influence!) and then restarted it. (I think it was a sweater?) Jenn helped me frog 7 rows back on the socks that I started last February (17th to be exact, that was the date I printed the sock generator for the pattern). I worked on a scarf that I'm knitting for a jacket that I will only be able to wear after giving birth. Karine before leaving helped me understand the patterns that I bought at Walmart (Simplicity) for my sewing machine, but I need to lose the pregnancy weight to fit into the articles I want to make. So, those will be put off until after I give birth! (It's a good thing she helped me understand them, or I would have tried to make the things, and not succeeded. Better to know this before starting! But that's okay, the patterns can wait until the spring, that's fine. That's perfect timing to have my son out of the every 2 hour feedings, and me getting more sleep, and being able to function to use my sewing machine again, ah - it's perfect.

My mother-in-law (Jamie's real mother) stopped by with her wife on their way home from a meeting today to drop off the gift for the baby shower. They will not be attending as I've previously mentioned, as they have a conference in the Catskills next week for Overeaters Anonymous. Yep - that's what she told me. Apparently this is more important than a party for her grandson. They brought me a really nice photo album, for 320 photos, that has PINK on it. PINK! Does she not realize that I'm having a boy?? I don't even think she thought it through. But that's another story for another day. I'm going to bite my tongue, and write a thank you card, and just ignore my thoughts. As my mother would say "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all".

This evening I worked a bit on organizing some of the clothes for the baby that I have already washed, sorting them by size. I have so many hand-me-downs that I've been washing, and the stuff I will be using right away will be put in drawers and I need to find space to put the 6-9 month clothing (plus the larger stuff that I have) that won't get used right away.

I've also been knitting on my scarf some more, I hope to have it finished in a day or two, it's an easy knit, so I'm not worried, but I've got other projects to work on, so eventually I will get there!

That's all for today folks. Just some knitting news & a good time with some friends.

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