Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crib & Bassinet: Check.

So today I took care of cleaning my office, but that didn't start until after lunch. I only got out of bed today, it was after noon. Last night I had really bad anxiety over a lost check (which I need to deposit, but it's gone!) I have no idea where it went. It got lost sometime in the last couple of days, and I don't know what happened to it. I am going to get another one written to me, but it's driving me mad as to where it is. It's not where I thought it was, nor anywhere else for that matter! I am sure it will turn up when I am NOT looking for it - but bills are due, and I was hoping to find it! Pregnancy brain.... geez!

I didn't leave my house today, until after dinner when my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law picked me up to go to the crib store. Today, I got baby Sean's crib and even a bassinet too (that I'm not supposed to know about - lol). The crib is from Jamie's dad & step-mom and the bassinet from Jamie's step-brother and his wife. (She won't be able to make it to my baby shower, as they live near Toronto).

Here is baby Sean's crib (to be delivered in about 4 weeks):

And this, my friends, is the exact bassinet I got. I just love it:
(It's in my 2nd two fave colors together, blue & yellow)
(First fave: PINK - which I can't have for a baby boy, of course not!)

It can even be a changing table:

And a bedside sleeper:

I painted our bedroom blue when we moved in, so this bassinet matching perfectly. I plan on having 3 children, so this bassinet will definitely get used. That is for sure. I think that is another reason I wanted a brand new one, and not a second hand one. I had the option to borrow one from my sister's boyfriend's sister, but she wanted hers back, so I figured this way, with my own, I can take my time, etc.

Nothing much else is going on here. Today was just a really rainy and dreary day. I've been knititng Jamie's socks, and they're just about done. I should be able to finish them tonight in bed, and then post pictures tomorrow! I'm also planning on seaming baby Sean's sweater tonight in bed, and then blocking it tomorrow, so I will try to take picture of it tomorrow, if I can get it to straighten out before washing it. If not, the pictures will come after blocking. Yey, two more finished objects!!! Pictures to come!

On tap for tomorrow is vaccuming and shampooing the baby's room carpet, also, groceries (must do, big time!)

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raeshadrz said...

I love the bassinet! It is beautiful and seems like it will be very versatile. My dad made a bassinet for me when I was born and my mom gave it to me when my daughter was born - that sucker is now 34 years old!!!