Friday, October 27, 2006

A Full Day of Crafting!

I forgot the other day to post a picture of my new yarn organizer. I got it at the dollar store, for 2.75$ (It's not a DOLLAR store, now is it?? LOL) and well, got Jamie to hang a hook from the ceiling in the corner behind the door of my office.

And voila - a perfect yarn organizer, for storing the yarn that I want access to (the rest is put away in rubbermaid tubs) and the cats can't get to it. (Unless they decide to check behind the door, and attach the bottom mesh bag - LOL). This was found in the "kid" organizing section of my local buckeroo store.

Today, I got up actually early (8 am - when Jamie left for work) and got started on a project I've had in my head for about a week now. Organizing my DPN's (bamboos only). I had bought them in a kit (11 sizes in 5.5 inch length needles and and 13 sizes in the 8 inch needles + 2 extra sizes that my SP8 sent me that happened to be 8 inches long needles that I added into the set). Anyhow, I've been wanting to make a case for them, just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it... So here, she is closed:

And above, here she is starting to get opened.

Above, here she is opened, but with the flaps still fastened (VELCRO BABY!)

And here are two views of the needle case (from either end)!

I need to add a ribbon on it, so that it ties when closed, but I need to find matching ribbon first. I don't have navy blue ribbon. I think I'm going to see what Walmart has in the ribbon department the next time I'm there. If not, it can wait, no rush. Also, I need to re-inforce my velcros (They're the stick-on kind and I don't find them too sticky - lol....) But that will be for tomorrow.... too tired now.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo impressed with myself and my sewing skills lately. I've SOOOO improved on using my sewing machine, and I'm playing around with different stitches as well. I love my sewing machine. Sooooooo happy that my parents got it for me for my 21st birthday. It's too bad that it sat in the box for the first couple of years though. Very mad at myself about that however.

I was still in the sewing mood this afternoon, so I made a bag, from a pattern that I got from Walmart by Simplicity. I altered the pattern a little, to my liking. It's meant to tie the two straps into a bow/knot, but I didn't want to - not into the bow/knot thing for the style bag, so I overlapped them, and used a cool stitch on my machine to stitch them together. I used the same material as I did for the outside of my needle case that I made today. I love the pattern.

Speaking of materials.... Is anyone up for a material swap? But for material scraps? Pieces large enough to use for something else, whether it be tissue cozies, or square to make a patchwork bag, or something, even pieces a little larger than that, but you're sick of what you have, and want to trade for some new stuff?? If so - let me know - I'm up for swapping extra fabric!!!

This afternoon when Jamie got home from lunch, he drove me up the street (the hospital where I will be giving birth is at the end of our street - our street ends at the hospital, but then continues on the other side, I believe) and because of the lack of parking near there, I ran in, and dropped of the pre-regsistration papers for my son's birth! Wow - 10 weeks to go, and he's registered! Kind of makes things a little more official, eh? I think the woman at the desk who took my papers looked at me weird when she asked me about my insurance to pay for the private room I selected and I told her my insurance company was called Cash. You know that stuff that doesn't grow on trees? (I don't have insurance for that, and Jamie's dad offered to pay for our hospital room - he suggested that for our well-being, to take a private room - that IS if it's available when we get there......!

That's it - that's all for now folks. Going to go into bed and watch some TV and knit some Woven Trellis Scarf. Very excited for baby shower #1 tomorrow, and I'm wearing a dress!!! And possibly make-up too. I'll take pictures, promise!


lainehmann said...

I have one of those net hanging things, too, but I cannot remember where I put it -LOL! And I cannot even blame it on preg brain. ;)

LOVE the needle holders. BEAUTIFUL. My bday's in Feb. ;) HEhehehehhehe

kadi said...

umm...hello sewing mama! you have to teach me your skills one day!

miss said...

oh wow, that's a fantastic needle holder! i'm really impressed! the velcro is a great idea :D

JL said...

I love your idea of storing the easy access yarn holder and the needlecase. Nice works.

Secretly Spun said...

Gorgeous and I love the fabric... but you seem to have sensible numbers of each size... where are the 40ish extra needles you got when you forgot which sizes you owned and needed to get more... or is that just me?