Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top 10 Pet Peeves of Graphic Designers

Top 10Pet Peeves of Graphic Designers

10. Business cards or other corporate applications that include the font “Comic Sans” or “Courier”.

9. The people who bring in the corporate applications mentioned previously in No. 10

8. The notion that the more fonts you use, the cooler it looks!

7. Clients who insist they “get you” like no one else does, because they too are a “creative spirit”…”why don’t the normal people understand how we operate?!”

6. Any situation involving math.

5. Clients who already know what they want, for better or for worse. And every time you try and deviate from their grand vision, they smack you back into line…even if what they want is a purple monkey dishwasher.

4. “Can’t you just…” something. Those words always spell trouble for yours truly.

3. People who show up Fridays at 10 minutes until closing time, in a huge “emergency” rush for business cards for their big trade show that starts at 9 AM saturday morning. GUESS WHAT. You opted to attend this conference MONTHS ago, so why are you only here now, and you have “Absolutely no cards!!” !?!?!?!?! I don’t understand these people.

2. People who haggle with the price. Especially when it’s really, really fair. More than fair. If it’s not worth that much, and if you could do the same thing for less time and money, WHY DIDN’T YOU?

1. “When you asked me to proof it…I didn’t actually think I had to READ IT!!”

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