Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jamie's Finished Socks!

I just just just just finished Jamie's socks. I'm going to present them to him tomorrow morning. I am very happy with the way they turned out (and they do match in size (I thought yesterday at the knitting meet-up that they did not - but it turns out I wasn't holding them up against each other properly!) Phew! I was worried that I was using my row counter wrong (i.e. not clicking every row) but it turns out - I was!!! Anyhow, the socks are done, and they look fantastic! Don't you agree?? I tried them on, just to see how they feel. They're a little too big on me (Jamie wears a size 10 men's shoes, which is a size 12 woman's (to compare) and I wear a size 8 women's which would be a size 6 men's.) The pattern does not match up - but that's okay. I like them just the way they are - fraternal twins!


lainehmann said...

These look awesome! Good for you!
Now make a matching pair for little s.

Lindsay said...

those are some groovy socks! Nice and warm and cozy ..

and from a few posts ago-- that stalker lady is nuts. I think I always say that... but still...

cynthia said...

cool socks!! yu did an amazing job!