Saturday, October 21, 2006

Houston We Have a Baby's Room!

Today I slept in late again. I think it was about 12:45pm when I got up, all I know, is that when my parents got here around 1:30pm, I was already up. My parents came by to drop off the last of the furniture pieces for baby Sean's room. It had to be done in two parts, so the first, one my mom came with for the drive, and then second shift, my dad came alone, and then he stayed to help Jamie put the pieces together. While they were busy putting the pieces together - I cleaned off all the drawers and wiped down all the shelves that were to go into the walunet and changing table. This furniture is recycled from my sister's old set from my parent's house. (When I moved out, she took my old set, (which was built to fit the room) and when she eventually moved out, she took my old set with her, so I took her old set, and converted it into baby furniture!)

Here is the room, with all the furniture, minus the crib (which has been ordered):

I decided to put my old toy chest, which I'm giving to my son, (already has some toys in it!), in the nook instead of the rocking chair. I find that in the winter it gets chilly there, next to the window. (The closet seems to get really cold too, oddly).

The big walunet is up and running, and over the next couple of days, I will put clothes into it.

This is the changing table, which used to attach to my sister's desk. It used to be a storage unit attached to said desk, but now it's a baby's changing table with tons of storage under it! I just need to get a changing table pad for it. I have one on my registry, we'll see if I get it, if not I'll purchase it after my baby showers. I finally covered the breastfeeding pillow (sitting on my rocking chair) with the sheep cover that my mother found. It's blue and full of sheep! Nothing wrong with sheep for a knitting mama! The bedding set (sitting on top of the dresser), is washed and ready for the crib to be delivered! 4 weeks will pass before I know it! On the wall, I decorated some scratches with some disney wall decor. I found them at the dollar store. I have found 3 different sheets, (2 different Pooh ones, and 1 Mickey & Goofy one), which I've put up. I want to see if I can find more wall decor, but for boys. The dollar store I got these at, had also Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Snow White wall decor, but it was all girly, and well, not suitable for a baby boy! Below is a close-up of the wall decor.

This afternoon, after finishing putting together the furniture in the baby's room, we watched Lost from Wednesday night (I taped it while at SNB) and then we made an awesome chicken salad for dinner, and watched the hockey game. The habs played Colorado tonight, on home turf, and well, it was an intense game. Basically, it was Theodore vs. Aebischer, our two goalies that we've traded. We had to prove tonight that it ws worth trading! So, after a game that had us on the edge of our seats the entire game, (while I was knitting as well), we won, 8-5! EIGHT TO FIVE! That's 13 goals in one game. I've never in my life seen so many goals in one game. Tuesday when I actually went to the game, I said that same thing about our 5-4 win against Calgary. What's up with all these goals??? And 6-5 was a great comeback, after being down 3-0 at first, in the first period. So proud of our boys. So proud of Aebischer's saves at the end of the game, to keep us in the lead. (However, I'm NOT proud of the 5 goals he did let in).

The knititng I did tonight, was on my first pair of socks ever. If you recall, I never closed the toes on them. Well, sock number 1 is 2 rows away from being kitchener stitch sealed and sock number 2 - well, I have to knit that one back 7 rows and re-start closing the toes. Cuz, way back when, I didn't read the pattern and didn't know that I had to knit 1 row then the 2nd row was the decrease row, repeat... yeah. So, I have about 7 rows, all being decreased, and well, that's just not good. So, tomorrow, I will see if I can pick up stitched 7 rows back, and re-start that toe closing business.

I need to finish: Clapotis. Above mentioned Socks. A scarf I started for myself.

I need to start: A purse for my mother-in-law for her birthday. A blanket for baby Sean (even though I've made him 2 already, well, I want to make another one - he's my son afterall! Gotta knit him lots of stuff)

In the process of being blocked: Baby Sean's V-Neck Cardigan sweater.

Tonight, Jamie and I watched the movie The Keeper. Well, I watched it, and he feel asleep. It was alright. Not a movie I'd watch again, and frankly, it wasn't that well done. I felt like I was watching a made for TV movie. That is possible. Truly is. Maybe it was meant to be a made for tv movie. Who knows.

Alright, it's getting late. I should get to bed. I have to get some sleep as I need to get up at a decent hour tomorrow, (NOT after lunch!) as I have some errands I want to run, and I am having a few guests over at 1pm for a little crafternoon - which seems to be turning into a knitting gathering at my house. I alo promised muffins, so I will bake tomorrow morning too! I had made a huge batch this week, but they are gone. (Between the hubby and me - we polished them off. Mmmmm blueberry muffins!) Delicious!

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