Monday, October 02, 2006

Blah Blah Afternoon

Today, I watched my nephew. He was quite the monster today. He didn’t nap, so by late afternoon, he was just wired and being a little bugger. Sherrie went to shul in the morning with my sister-in-law and J went to work. (We’re not religious, so he didn’t care going into work on a Jewish holiday). Anyhow, eventually Sherrie and my SIL came back, and my SIL had to leave again to go to a thing she had at the casino. I let Sherrie be (just chill) during the afternoon, because she was actually fasting and observing the holiday. So, this afternoon, I kinda got on this huge cleaning kick, which started in the morning, and I washed the entire kitchen. I kid you not - I did every corner (except for the shelves in the fridge - which are next on my list). And to tell you the truth, I did a MIGHTY fine job cleaning the kitchen! I am sooo happy with the way my kitchen looks now, it was OVERDUE for a cleaning. (An explosion of tomato sauce in the microwave from BEFORE we left to Europe…., a really dirty with seeds and bread crumb toaster, floors needed a moping…. that sort of thing). It seemed like everything needed a wipe down!

For dinner, I made salmon, with rice, teriyaki noodles, and steamed carrots. It was a huge hit, and even one of J’s friends joined us for dinner. Even my almost 4 year old nephew ate almost everything on his plate!

This evening Sherrie & I just chilled, and I ended up surfing and adding stuff to my baby registry. I can’t believe that my baby showers (I’m having two), are in a month and just under a month! I don’t even know where to begin to start putting things together on a registry! Everything is just soooooo damn cute! I also need to go make a registry at Walmart and at theBaie. I will get there this week, I must. Family members are harassing me to do so! LOL…So much to do! I have to start working on the nursery as well, but that will come in time. My office is almost empty, and then it will become the baby’s room. In due time.

Going to go hang out with Sherrie a bit before we go to bed.

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