Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hockey Knitting & Other Fun Stuff

Today I worked on the mousepad for my dad's company. He ran out of mousepads and has been handing out blank ones with systems that people buy (he owns a computer chain (retail stores0 in our province and soon to be in Ontario too!). Anyhow, here is an idea I am working on - I worked on drawing it all day today in Adobe Illustrator.

Right now my character above has a little bit of a "jewish" nose, lol, so I am going to have to fix that. Also, the next step, is color, but I have to see what my father thinks of it first, before I go any further on it.

This cute little number is from my new tenants. What a lovely gift! Sean isn't even born yet, and she brought me down a gift! I am going to have to write her a thank you card asap, and leave it for them. She brought it down tonight when she came to give me a check for tomorrow's rent. I wonder why it had a date posted for Friday though..... I'm going to let it slide this month again (last month it was because their mail wasn't set up at the new place yet), I wonder what this month's excuse is... If it happens again, in December, I think I may say something... but for this time, I'll let it slide.

I finally washed the snowsuit we'll bring our little guy home in. You can't really tell, but there is a cute little bear on the front chest. (Ignore the dirt on the left sleeve, it's dust, not dirt. When I hung it on the pipe in our laundry room to take a picture of it - some dust fell from on top of the pipe - after taking this picture, it came right off). Everything baby is just soooooo cute and tiny!

Jamie and I went to the Habs game tonight, we've been soooo spoiled lately with tickets. (Thanks to my mother's season tickets!) I have 2 more games in ONE week in November (Bruins and Flyers games I am pretty sure is who they're playing) and then one game in December for Jamie's birthday (the day before his actual birthday) and then no more games for us until March - when Sean will be about a month and a half to two months old, and we can get out of the house for a couple of hours to go to a game! Tonight, they gave out cheesy paper helmets for Halloween. I knew we were receiving helmets tonight, but I was under the impression that it was one of those small 6" collectors item helmets. My mother is going to be so disappointed when I show her this helmet tomorrow.

Of course, I took knitting with me to the game. Did you expect anything else? Here is proof that I was Habs Knitting. (I think I am going to create a sidebar button that says I'm a Habs Knitter or something, and post it! LOL)

What a friggin awesome game let me tell you. We won 4-2, and Abeischer did a great job blocking a lot of goals, only letting in 2. We scored once on an empty net at the end of the game, and then again 2 seconds later, literally, after they put their goalie back into nets with like a minute and a half left into the game or something. It was a great game to go to.

Today while grocery shopping I bought an Asian Pear so that I can have the wrapper. I had seen once on someones blog them using one to hold a cake together that they had wound. To avoid any knotting like the ball from the first tube I knit, I decided to buy an asian pear today at the grocery store, so I can have one of these foam thingies. There was actually a whole bunch of loose ones, so I threw them in my shopping cart, and took them with me on my merry way. (They're kind of delicate so I have extra now in case of ripping!)

I think for the next tube I knit with the 2 colors (not tube 3, but tube 4 will be a multi color one), I won't wind both balls together into one cake. I think I may wind both cakes separately and just knit them together. I thought I had them at the same length, but the green yarn is now coming out and there is a bunch extra and I keep having to pull the extra to untwist. (Hard to describe, sorry....) I'll try to take a picture tomorrow of what I mean.... if my pregnancy brain allows me to remember!
Tomorrow I have the dentist for my 6 month check up. I'm kinda running a little late though, since the last time I was there was the week I conceived. (Almost 8 months ago). The last time I was there, I declined an xray because I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not, and they were very excited for me, for even trying to get pregnant. They are going to be SHOCKED that I now am almost 8 months pregnant (next Thursday marks the start of my 8th month of pregnancy).

The leg cramps have gotten a lot worse at night. (Actually, they tend to occur early morning before getting up for the day). Braxton Hicks Contractions have indeed started. They're a really weird feeling, because my stomach gets all tight and then relaxes itself. It's a weird feeling and really uncomfortable. I'm afraid to know what real labor pains are...

Today I booked a 3d/4d Ultrasound with Ucbaby. They are next to my dad's main office where Jamie works. I was going to book a 5pm appointment, for when Jamie gets off work, but he'd rather take off half an hour to an hour in the afternoon than to go at 5pm and then get stuck in traffic. So, we've got it scheduled for 2pm next Thursday (November 9th). I am very excited to get a 30 minute video of the baby, pictures on Cd-rom, and all that jazz. It's pretty friggin' cool what they do. I hope it's worth the money, because this is optional, in a private clinic, not covered by insurance or medicare.

I am taking the Complete Package, which includes:

Complete 4-D Package - $175.

View baby's activities (30 minutes) .
CD of jpeg images (3-D pictures).
2 printed photos of your baby.
Hearing baby's heartbeats.
Optional web hosting for 2 months.
Optional gender determination

** Entire session recorded to music on DVD for an extra $25, or VHS for $15

Of course, I'm going to take the DVD for the extra 25$ - what a really cool experience this will be.

This is what the images I will be looking at will resemble. Of course, this is someone else's ultrasound - but it's going to be neat looking at what my son will look like! I am sooo excited. There are before and after pictures on the website, that show what the ultrasound picture looked like, and what the baby looked like after birth - and it's pretty damn cool the resemblance of the accuracy. They only do these ultra sounds between 17-35 weeks of pregnancy, so I had to act fast. Thursday marks my 31st week, and next Thursday when I have my appointment marks my 32nd week - 8th month. Pushing it close! Oooh! I'm excited.

Another thing that I decided that I might do, is a pregnancy belly cast. If I do, I'll order one off ebay (not from them), as it's a few bucks cheaper on ebay and it will come from Canada (BC I think). My sister-in-law is going to help me do it, probably at the end of November, when my belly is a little bit bigger, and she's in town for the weekend. I don't want to lug it to her place for my nephew's birthday, because that will be a jammed packed weekend, and I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own home, and also, where I can just leave it be to dry, etc. All these really cool things I want to do before my pregnancy is over!

Speaking of which, I need to email back those photography students to see if they are still interested in me modelling for them, in return for a cd-rom of pictures.

Alright, I better get to bed, tomorrow I've got the dentist and an appointment to put on my winter tires on my car. Tomorrow night, knitting with Montreal Knits!

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kadi said...

I'm jealous about your tickets! That ultrasound thingy looks really cool...a little freaky...but cool! And I think your husband needs a bigger helmet...(sorry I couldn't help it...)