Friday, October 13, 2006

Stitch 'N Bitch Time!

This morning I went out with my mother & grandmother to do some shopping. By the time we were not even half way through the afternoon, I decided that there is no way that I can do spend 3 days with the two of them in Albany, New York, as we were planning on going next month. I don't think it's because I was over tired and hungry - I think with me being 7 months pregnant (8 months next month when we actually go) that I won't be able to handle that much quality time! Not the way my mother & grandmother shop - LOL. Anyhow - we'll see as the time gets closer, it's not as if hotel reservations will be a problem or anything.

Tonight I went knitting with Angela & my cousin Jenn at the new yarn shop Effiloché. They were holding a little stitch & bitch for it's opening! It was a lot of fun! Effiloché is also a sewing shop, which is really cool, and I am curious to learn more about their sewing classes - as I'm learning my sewing machine. I actually have my friend Jennie coming over tomorrow to help me learn more on my sewing machine! I can't wait. Oh - an guess what? Effiloché has the ORIGINAL Clapotis in the shop window! Kate's original one! How damn cool is that?? I forgot to go look at it - maybe next time!

And - I fell in love tonight. I fell in love with Recycled Silk Yarn - iImported and distributed by the Wool Peddler. It is handspun in Nepal. And it's gorgeous. Just look below! (I just checked my bill - I thought it was 15.75$ a hank - but it was actually 19.75$ a hank (minus 10% discount for being a member of Montreal Knits). I am glad that I didn't know the price before buying - that may have made a difference. (LOL - okay, maybe not!)

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new yarn. It's actually silk from Sari's and right now it's shedding everywhere. I *think* I am going to make a shawl with it - I just have to find the right pattern. (Oh and Kadi - on it's a bag not a shawl pattern for this yarn - I looked). I have 3 hanks of this yarn, and it's approx. 175 yards per hank, at 200g per hank (they're kinda heavy!) But I think it will make a gorgeous shawl! Or scarf of some sort. Something warm and beautiful. But first - I must finish:

- Jamie's sock
- My Clapotis
- My first pair of socks ever (just the toes need to be closed on both socks!)
- Sewing & Blocking of baby Sean's sweater
- Matching booties for the sweater for baby Sean??

And I think that's it - and then I allow myself to use my recycled silk!!!! Oh - no - wait... I have a purse to knit for my mother-in-law's birthday as well. Her birthday is in just over 2 months. I have plenty of time - just gotta get working on that too.

So much to knit before the baby is born. I hope I will have enough time!


aj_brainylady said...

It looks like Effiloche was fun. I have some of that sari-silk yarn, too -- I bought 2 skeins about 2 years ago and started a garter-stitch scarf (no point doing any fancy stitches, obviously). It's not easy to knit with, but it's beautiful. And I got about halfway through that scarf and then put it in a drawer.... But I saw a woman wearing a similar scarf a couple of weeks ago, so I'm thinking of finishing mine. Someday!

kadi said...

Oh you just HAD to put that pic up huh! Lol! It was quite the party I found but I look forward to wednesday though...