Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sewing Day

Today I picked up Jennie and she came over. In return for helping me sew some stuff up - Jennie was able to use my washer and drier to do laundry. She did 3 loads at my house while we did some crafts!

First, she showed me tricks to make a bag with lining.....

And I made a little bag. I am not 100% happy with the handle (Ribbon) but, it'll do for now. Maybe it'll be a knitting bag - or something we'll see. Silky material is a biatch to work with!

Then, I cut out the Care Bears for Dummies pattern and sewed them up on my machine. Stuffed them, and Jennie helped me sew up the end. Angela got me this material for my birthday. The material is really neat, but the bears aren't printed to match, so it was a little difficult. They turned out great, and they'll be going in baby Sean's room.

Then, Jennie wrote me out instructions on how to make a needle case. The last time she was over, she made me one, but I wanted to try one on my own:

And this is what I came up with!

My secret pal likes dark greens, so I made the interior dark green. (With a little bit of the material that Angela got me for my birthday). I have plenty of material left over to make more stuff. It's a really nice dark green. I am thinking about making a mini quilt for baby Sean.

I realized AFTER ironing on my Homemade by Robyn labels, that by sending this to my Secret Pal, it'll have my name on it. I am wondering if I should wait and send her the needle case closer to the end of SP9 - or if I should not worry about her knowing just my first name...!? I am going to think about it - I am not mailing out the package tomorrow or anything - there are still things I want to buy and make for this package! I'll probably get it out in the next 2-3 weeks though, package number 1! I made her the needle case, because in her questionnaire, she says that she keeps them in a drawer. I can't have that! LOL - so I had to make her a needle case.

Tonight I started clearing out my desk/office, tomorrow is the big move! My new office in the basement will be smaller, so I will have to see how I will arrange everything. I also want to keep a corner to make a play area for baby Sean. This way, he can play and I will be able to work. (Though, the playing won't be for a couple of months....!)

I stopped by a baby store near my house today, and looked at cribs. The crib will be a gift from my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law. We'll probably go sometime this week to order it. I can't wait. The baby's room is the next step to preparing for the new exciting time in my life!
I got no knitting done today - but maybe tomorrow - if there is time (and energy) after the big move!

Thank you Jennie for your sewing help (so many more tricks and techniques I want to learn - but everything one-step at a time!)

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aj_brainylady said...

Nice job on the needle case! I love the green.