Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Piper & Registries

I had to sleep in a little bit today - even though it wasn't long enough. I was up until 2 am last night, waiting until the sink COMPLETELY unclogged - so that I could go to bed. So today - I'm tired. I had to get up though, I had stuff to do today. I didn't set my alarm though for any specific time - and even when it did go off - I think I hit snooze for over an hour for sure.

After getting up - I got ready and headed to the west island. My sister's friend had some more baby stuff for me to pick up - to clear out of her apartment. She gave me a baby bouncer (vibrating chair) as well as a diaper pale and also a car seat (which will go into Jamie's car because the stroller my parents are getting us next weekend comes with a car seat and that will go into my car)! She also gave me some more clothes and bibs - and my gosh - I think I will be okay for baby clothes for the first couple of months of my soon-to-be son's life! While I was over there, I noticed that her daughter was still using the pink baby blanket that I crochet, and made as a thank you for the last packages of hand-me-downs that I got - her daughter is inseperable with it! Made me feel good! Something that I made! Always a great feeling.

After my sister's friends house, I went to this store in the area that I wanted to go to for a while now. My secret Pal wrote on her questionnaire that she's interested in learning cables, and this store (not a yarn shop) has knitting accessories, and has cable needles. I actually got my last secret pal Lindsay some there - and wanted to get for my SP9 pal. I also found some awesome candles for my new pal - she loves a specific kind of scent, and they happened to have it! I can't wait to finish putting together package number 1 and mailing it out. I just need to organize the yarn selection for it - and pick up a few other items that I want - and SP9 will start with a bang! The person spoiling me has already contacted me, and I am very excited! She said she lives far - so she put something in the mail to test to see how long it takes to get to my mailbox.

I stopped by my parents house for lunch, and talked to my mom for a bit. I learned that my parents will be getting a 2nd great dane - but it's a little hush hush until it actually happens - which will be in November after I get back from a little road trip to Albany, NY with my mother & grandmother for a few days. Piper, below, is 4 months older than my parent's current great dane, Bosco, and she's fully trained. She actually currrently belongs to Bosco's co-owner, whom is going through a tough time right now, so he's convinced my mom to take 1 of his 4 danes. Here is Piper:

I think she's absolutely stunning!

This afternoon I went by my dad's store to get some files for a graphic job he wants me to do. And then I went by Sears with my mom - whom met me there, to look at a stroller. I ended up making a registry at Sears (which is accessible online to view - but not really to purchase). The stroller that I want - is going on sale next weekend, so my mom will get it then. If your child is born on their actual date that you've marked on your registry - you will win your entire already purchased items from the registry. This means, they'll match the amount that you're friends and family have spent - and send you gift certificates in the mail - which is great for more baby stuff! The lady told me that 1 in 4 registries end up winning their registry. I wonder if that's because their "due" dates are actually "scheduled c-section dates". I deleted my registry at Toysrus.ca because they are annoying to deal with - and I didn't like their prices nor their selection. Plus there isn't really a Toysrus close to me, and Sears is just better. So now I have one at Walmart & Sears. And that's that!

This evening I had dinner at my sister's place - it's the 2nd time I've been there. It was nice to hang out with her for a bit - and see her kittens - who got spayed and neutered recently, and the female cat has a cone on her head so she won't lick her stitches, the cat looks so sad in the cone - I felt bad... but if the stitches were to infect - that would be worse - so it's a good thing! I guess the reason that I don't go to my sister's house often is because she lives so far! I calculated it tonight, on my way home, and it was 25 km from her place to mine. Without traffic at 8pm, it took me 25 minutes to get home, but with traffic during the day, it would take me forever to get there.

Tonight - I decided to take a bath - for the first time in a long time. Only - there is 1 problem. I couldn't get out of the tub when I was done. I had to call my hubby to help me up. I was literally stuck in there! I wish I had a bigger tub - that's for one, and I don't think I will try bathing until after I give birth! (Note to self: Don't try that again. Note to others: Unless you have a spacious bath - don't try bathing at almost 28 weeks pregnant!

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