Friday, October 06, 2006

Circular Holder & Philly Guests

Today, I had my 6th month pregnancy obgyn appointment. Doctor told me how much weight I have gained in total so far - and I was shocked to learn that I have only gained 22 lbs so far in the 6 months. He said that this is a healthy weight to be at - but to now be careful because I can gain easily 1 lb per week now, and I have 13 weeks left, and he likes to keep his pregnancies at max. 30 lbs. He told me not to worry - in case I go over at 31 - 32 - 33 lbs total - it's not the end of the world, but to keep an eye on my sugar intake - because that could also lead to diabetes, and he doesn't want that.

After my Obgyn apt, I did a few errands, some banking and went to the dollar store to pick up some shoe bags - which someone at the knitting meet-up recommended for circular needle holders! They are great! I bought 2 bags - which have 8 pockets each and I divided my circulars up by size. I have them hanging one on top of the other in my closet in my bedroom. What a FANTASTIC idea for organization, and it only cost me 2$ in total plus applicable taxes!


Anyhow, I went out for lunch today with Jamie and his ex-coworkers from the educational toy place, and it was good to see them again. After lunch I did a return to Walmart and then headed home. I did some major cleaning up around the house - as I have my friends Lauren & Seth in from Philly right now. I am soooo excited they are here. We got them settled in - and then I took them out for dinner - since tomorrow night we're having Italian - I took them for Greek tonight, and ended up at the same place I ate for lunch today (my favourite place for Greek - Marathon Souvlaki - and ended up eating the same exact thing for dinner as I did for lunch. But I'm NOT complaining - I can eat there 10 times a day if I had enough room to eat that much! Sooo delicious!)

Jamie had a friend over tonight, as it was the first game of the season for the Habs (we lost - what a bad way to start the new season) and Seth watched the game with the guys. Lauren & I caught up, looked through some photos online, and I showed her some baby things for baby Sean. We then had some ice cream and watched Wednesday night's episode of LOST (Boy do I have many questions and can't wait for the season to continue - so many things unasnwered!!)

We were going to go apple picking tomorrow at Quinn Farm (I'm dying to go apple picking) but I totally forgot that Lauren is allergic to apples. (I don't know what I would do without apples - I just LOVE apples). Anyhow, she still wants to go - cuz she can still pick them - just not eat them - which I kinda find defeats the purpose - but the guys think it's not such a good idea - because she's allergic - so we'll see what happens. She can still pick them for her hubby to eat - I dono. Then again - can they actually cross the border back into the USA with apples? I think there is a law against fruit? So maybe it's not a good idea afterall??

Alright, I should get to bed. Tomorrow we'll figure out something else to do - tomorrow night we're taking them to our favourite restaurant for dinner, and Sunday I'm giving them a tour of the city and all that jazz. Sunday night (late afternoon) the Eagles are playing (NFL) and both Jamie and Seth (who is actually from Philly) love the Eagles. Philly is playing Dallas - and apparently it's a game to watch - so the boys will watch football while the girls find something else to do!


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kadi said...

I love the shoe thing for circs, I think I'll try it out too!