Monday, October 09, 2006

What Were My Favourite Places?

This morning I got up early, as my friends Lauren & Seth were leaving to drive back to Philly. It was really awesome that they came in for the weekend, and were able to visit. I really hope that they had a great time. I hope that I am a good host and I hope that they were confortable sleeping in our den - on foutons. (Mental note: When I have money - buy pull out couch)....!

Before leaving, Seth lost his wallet. I will forever never let him live that one down. Well, it wasn't lost - it was in his suitcase - which was in the trunk of his car - which he apparently searched. It was funny and probably one of those you had to be there moments. He was convinced that one of my cats dragged it from inside his shoe (don't ask why it was there) to somewhere else in my house!

I never got to post pictures last night of the wonderful dinner Lauren & I made, so here is a table shot from my dinning room.

A nice candle lit dinner for 4, chicken stir-fry for everyone but Lauren (she's a vegetarian), and it was delicious, and a good time was had by all!

Oh - and guess what? We had PURPLE cauliflower in our stir-fry. This is the cauliflower, just after being cut up:

Yep - purple cauliflower. My least favourite colour in the world - BUT - I found it interesting that cauliflower comes in this colour - and it's Lauren's favourite colour - so I HAD to buy it for the stir-fry.

Today, Jamie and I chilled and watched 2 movies. First we watched X-Men: The Last Stand, and then we watched The Rocket: Maurice Richard. X-men was good, but the first two were better. The Rocket - was amazing. I highly recommend it to any Habs fan - who understands French. The movie is mainly in French. There are actually French subtitles for those few parts that are in English. I am wondering though - it's possible the movie had English subtitles, but we have a DVD player that has no remote control (need to ask my dad who gave us the machine, for the remote) so we couldn't access the subtitle menu. It was pretty cool seeing Vicent Lecavalier (Montrealer who plays for Tampa Bay) in the movie - as well as Stephane Quintal who used to play for the Habs..... as well as some other NHLers in the movie!

Tonight, I went to Pre-Natal Aqua. I was running 2 minutes late, and thought the class would be going on already once I got there, but I was the first one to arrive. Actually, I was the only pregnant one to arrive! I finally met Hendrica - whom I've spoken to so many times on the phone, (with the Pre-Natal Yoga business that never happened) and eventually this other girl who is not pregnant joined us, just because she loves water aqua and Hendrica told her that for today, she could stay, but for next week - not to come to the pre-natal class if she's not pregnant.

I really enjoyed my private class today. It was really awesome. I had a good chat with Hendrica about a lot of things, and the one piece of advice I left there today with - is - Hendrica told me to learn how to LET GO now... she said that if you don't let go - it will be hard later on in life. She says that as soon as the baby comes out of your stomach - that you need to learn how to let go to the life that you are giving birth to. I don't know if I am ready to let go in 12 weeks. This Thursday marks my 3rd trimester with only 12 weeks to go. Will 12 weeks be enough for me to be able to let go? Am I ready to not be pregnant anymore? OF COURSE I can't wait to meet baby Sean, but am I ready to let go from being pregnant? Am I ready to let this baby enter the world? I love love love being pregnant, and I am not sure I'm quite ready to not be anymore. (However, there are times when my feet are swollen and my back aches and I cant sit or sleep comfortably that I am ready to have baby Sean!)

I really like Hendrica. I am glad that she is teaching the class. The first pre-natal class I went to back in August (last Monday of August) she was on vacation and there was a sub for her class. So this is the first time I'm meeting her.

I took the Aquafitness schedule as I was leaving, and Hendrica allows pregnant women into her deep end water aqua class, and there is one on Thursday nights that she told me about. However, there is also one on Wednesday mornings, which I am going to see if I can occasionally take (because some Thursdays there is knitting on the Plateau that I want to attend!) but I want to maximize my Y membership, because of the missed month due to Jewish Holidays and the Y closing, Hendrica cancelling her class, and 2 weeks of me being away on our honeymoon. In the deep end water class Hendrica lets preggers attend, but she'll tell you if there is a move you shouldn't do while pregnant (there are a few apparently).

While talking to Hendrica - she asked me what my favourite spots of Europe were while the 2 weeks I was away. Jamie and I have made a list (verbally) of our top locations that we enjoyed the most on our trip. So - in NO particular order:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Cadiz, Spain
3. Florence, Italy

Those were our fave parts of the honeymoon last month. I've linked the blog entry from that day, so that you can read about our day there if you missed it last month.

Something I bought baby Sean while in Amsterdam, and forgot to post it, but wanted to share it - because it's just too cute:

Under the little drawing it reads:

It is the tiniest thing ever - and it's just toooooo cute.

Weird stuff that happened to me this evening upon returning my movies that I rented - I went out to get drive thru for dinner, and first, a girl employee comes out of the restaurant, while I'm waiting in line to pay in my car, and she is tapping on my window asking me if I had a light for her smoke. Me - almost 7 months pregnant - have a light? Are you kidding me??? Wrong person to ask - lol. She eventually knocks on three more cars until she gets a light. Weird.

Then, I ask when I get to the cash I ask the girl if everything is there, because she gave me this big bag, and when I get home...... Jamie's fries are missing from the bag. It was only a 1.39$ - but still! That was NOT cool. It's even on my bill that I paid for them. Not cool. I was mad. I tried calling a few times, but kept getting an annoying fax sound whenever I tried calling. So I gave up. I'll try them again tomorrow.

Alright, I'm going to go to bed and watch some TV.

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The t-shirt is just too cute! Sucks about the fries thing, it's hapdened to me too.