Monday, September 11, 2006

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Day 3

I just bought a coke and got 15 free minutes on the internet at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. It’s J’s first time here, and my third. Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve been here already 3 times. Once in 1998, once in 2002 and now, again, in another 4 year increment, 2006.

We left the ship at 7:30 am this morning and got here just past 9 am. There was a lot of traffic and it was supposed to be only an hour and 15 minute ride.

I got baby S this really cute Amsterdam tshirt and some souvenirs for friends & family back home. I haven’t really bought myself anything at all yet. But that’s okay.

Tonight, we’ll hang out on the boat, we leave at 4pm from the pier. (2pm from Amsterdam to get back to Rotterdam where the pier is). We have to meet the coach bus back at the Rijksmuseum. (If I have any spelling mistakes I’ll correct them when I get back home - I apologize). (Typing fast, no time!)

Last night we went to dinner in the personal choice dining hall, I really enjoyed my meal. A really nice Chilled Papaya with Banana soup and a salad then Fettucini alfredo.

After dinner we saw a comedy show, then I lost 20$ in the casino, and J doubled his money at a Texas Hold’em table.

I’ve been relaxing and reading a lot. Loving this trip in every way.

It’s just too bad that most of the people on the ship are 50+!!!!

But that’s okay, we aren’t really interested in interacting with people anyhow, it’s our honeymoon after all!!!!

Tomorrow, we’re off to Le Havre, France. Until then, take care!

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