Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Can This Be My Lucky Day?

Today, may have totally turned around.

The beginning of my day started out a little under the weather (not physically, but mentally) and I got out of bed, started reading a bunch of blogs about women who have lost babies late on in their pregnancy, or given birth to stillborns and got myself all freaked out for nothing probably. I obviously want the best for the baby, and I am just a worry wart, and worry about all the little things. I am sure that everything will be fine. I sure hope so anyhow. So that got me to go back into bed, crawl under the covers and daydream about anything else.

Anyhow, I finally got my day started, and I got almost all the laundry done, and my grandmother came over for a little bit, and then I went to go meet up with Angela for the knitting meet up. But, on my way out the door, I got the most awesome phone call. A potential new tenant! There is this woman, who got flooded out of her apartment, is looking to move somewhere immediately. Oh my! Good news! This may have been my lucky day. It would be this woman, with her 13 year old daughter, as welll as her 85 year old mother. Just the three of them, and she is like “we’re very quiet people, you won’t ever hear us” and she wanted to know what she has to bring tomorrow, (we set up a 10 am apt) to speed up the process of me checking out her application.. etc. She is going to bring her current lease to show that she is paying almost as much as what I’m charging, and I will then call her current and/or last landlord(s) to check to make sure she always paid her rent on time. I also asked her to bring blank checks, incase all goes well, she can leave a deposit for first and last months’ rent. I am not taking the chance of having this problem again! I really hope that all goes well. It would be fantastic to have new tenants right away and not have to worry about anything!

For some reason, it’s too good to be true. But I’ll see, maybe it is good!

Now, my only problem is finding my “current” tenant, who is probably avoiding my calls because she thinks she still owes me rent… but all I want is the keys back, and her lease signed that it’s cancelled, and I will leave her be. I don’t want to know of her or from her anymore. (Providing that the new tenant potentials work out). But she probably thinks I’m chasing her down for rent (which was that case, but not anymore, since I hope this works out!) Ok, I’m sounding very eager, ain’t I? Please please please let something go right!

Anyhow, I am wondering if the paper that she signed on August 3rd is good enough for a cancelation of a lease? It does state: “I, Ms. W, give R (me) permission to search for new tenants. I will pay rent until new tenants are found. Once new tenants are found, I will not be responsible to pay rent after their new lease is signed.” I am wondering if this is good enough as a cancellation of the lease, or do I have to get her signature on the existing lease for it to be cancelled? I tried getting intouch with my dad’s best friend who is a lawyer, but he was working late, so I will try him tomorrow morning.

I did try calling my current tenant, Ms. W, with blocking my number, and finally, someone answered the phone… her daughter. I told her to give the message, but I don’t know why she’s avoiding me.

So… tomorrow… I will call Ms. W first thing in the morning. I hope to get intouch with her.
I have to think about some options.

If my new lease can be signed, because of the August 3rd signed document, then I will sign the new lease, and then change the looks. And then I will take the matress, small tv, and dvd player, that are currently in the apartment on the floor of one of the rooms, out, and she can pick them up at her convenience. I want this to work out for the new tenants, and if they need a place asap, I would like to give it to them asap!

And if I can’t get the keys back from her right away, I was planning on changing the locks anyhow, so I will have to call a locksmith tomorrow, and get new keys made asap. But I’m just thinking ahead.

Wish me luck for tomorrow… I hope everything goes as planned!

Tonight’s knitting meet up was a lot of fun, but I got tired really easily. So even though it’s late and I’m still up, I feel less tired in my pj’s in the comfort of my own home, than at 2nd Cup. It was good to meet some new faces and also, it was really good to see some friendly familiar faces. Kadi got baby S an irish sheep stuffed animal on her recent travels, and I will photograph it tomorrow and show you how cute it is. It’s already in baby S’s almost room (working on clearing out my office, and that is coming along great so far!)

Alright, I am too excited to sleep. Wish me luck, wish me luck!

Oh, I watched Childstar last night. It was okay. It’s a canadian film, and almost a documentary style, I guess you’d say.

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