Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vigo, Spain, Day 6

Last night we had really huge waves, they were between 7.5 and 12 feet. J and I had to make sure that everything was not going to roll off the counters, etc. It was very interesting, but it put me to sleep, so that was a good thing. J was doing okay, even though the waves kind of made him not nauseas, but almost there… he was feeling it. But he’s doing very well. I love being at sea, so I don’t even feel the waves anymore. I guess that’s from growing up on a boat during the summers (dad owned a boat!)

Today, we got up, had breakfast and then headed by shuttle into downtown Vigo, Spain. We walked around, took some pictures, and found the Main Street, with a bit of shopping, but who needs C&A, Zara, and all those “American Shops”. They even have a Sephora opening soon. Blah… I don’t need to go to Spain for that! Ugh. What a disappointment.

Locals don’t speak very good English, and J & I had quite the experience at lunch. I ordered a mixed green salad (which I was able to tell off the menu) and a spaghetti with meat sauce. J on the other hand, ordered what he thought was a hamburger and fries plate. What he got… was definitely a good laugh between us now…. what he ordered ended up being a plate with two eggs and a sausage patty, and yes, some fries. Fritas (or whatever it was, was indeed fries)… but the rest.. OY! So… he of course lost his apetite, and couldn’t eat anymore.

We walked around more after lunch exploring, and Vigo is another town that is “been there done that, will never go back” types of towns. I hope Barcelona in a couple of days will be better. Hopefully it will be a better view of Spain.

No tourist shops at all, couldn’t even buy a postcard anywhere (I’ve been dying to mail some out). I can buy stamps on the ship for the next port, but with no postcards, I can’t really do that, now can I?

I did manage to find some really cool earrings in Spain, which I’ve picked up as gifts for a few friends & family. But there was NOTHING else in Vigo…. and so we didn’t really spend too much time or money there. Which probably isn’t a bad thing.

Tonight, we had dinner and I had a Penne dish, and it was just fabulous. I am still loving being served and not cooking or cleaning. This evening we watched the Da Vinci Code, and now J’s in the casino playing cards again. He’s having fun and it’s a friendly poker game. All the dealers know us by name now! It’s kinda funny!

Tomorrow we’re in Lisbon, Portugal.

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