Friday, September 01, 2006

I Win Poker!

I have been sleeping in all week. I have decided to start not setting my alarm anymore, I just can’t do it. I have been so exhausted lately, I do not know what is wrong. (I thought 2nd trimester is supposed to be so much more energetic than 1st and 3rd trimesters?)

I took care of some chores in the morning, on my to do list (I’m a list maker, always got a list!) and then went into my dad’s office for a bit, to get a little bit of work that he wanted me to do accomplished. I will work a little from home next week, but as I see it now, it’s going to be a very busy week next week. I better relax and have fun during the weekend, so that I can be refreshed for next week! So much to do!

Tonight we went out for dinner, and celebrated our friend V’s birthday. Dinner was not bad.
Tonight, I got convinced into playing poker again, and well, I won 20$! Here’s how. I ended up tying for first/second place. It was getting late, (as it is now) and I wanted to go do my own thing. So J’s friend and I decided to split the first and second prize, which was 60$ + 20$ = 80$ divided by 2 = 40$ each. I gave J back his 20$ (He paid for my entry and his entry of 10$ each) and I walked away this evening with 20$ (Two weeks in a row!) Just my luck!

Oh, today, I watched House of Wax. It was alright. The special effects were really cool though. Tomorrow I have a huge clean up day, and my friend Jennie is coming over tomorrow night, to help me learn my sewing machine! I’m very excited!

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