Friday, September 08, 2006

In The Nick of Time

After a lot of stress - and I mean a LOT of stress and worrying and aggrevation, I am about to leave for the airport to go to Europe on my belated honeymoon with my husband, and my now old tenants, whom I just kicked out of the apartment - due to the fact that she no longer wanted to pay rent - actually met up with me not even 3 hours ago - to cancel the lease we had for the apartment I rent out - and actually gave me back the keys to the place - so now - I can leave them for my new tenants and have them move in tomorrow - with my father-in-law's help. (I can't be in two countries at the same time).

I feel so much better now that it was all taken care of - and everything fell into place before we left. I think Jamie and I will both sleep a lot better on our cruise knowing that we have tenants that are moving in and rent that will be paid. That was our biggest worry actually - was the rent for our mortgage. Of course, we have family that was willing to help us out should the case have been that - but I rather it this way - with tenants and money that is not owed back to anyone, you know?

I am still in shock. In the nick of time. It just 'worked out'. Wow..... wow.... wow.... Jamie is floored as well. Unreal. Crazy. Something that was too good to be true - just worked out for us. That is usually not the case for us - usually - lately - it seems like it's been worse case scenarios, and well - just to our luck - wow!

Well, I'm sitting here - at my computer - my parents are picking up Jamie and I around 7pm. We're just about packed - I want to hop into a shower at the LAST possible moment - I want to feel as fresh as possible while at the airport - and I have packed my knitting - I decided to NOT risk taking it carry on. I emailed my cousin Jenn to see if she got through security at our airport this past week with her knitting, but she has not returned my email - no idea if she is even checking her emails. Anyhow, because we're flying into London Heathrow, and with all the security because of the liquid problem just recently, I want to play it safe, so I'm not going to bother.... Jamie and I have a dvd player - so we'll watch a movie while waiting to board, and possibly on board as well. I hate flying overnight, I just know that I won't get much sleep and then when we get there, it's going to be like 9-10 in the morning there, tomorrow morning, and we've then got another full day ahead of us - which sucks....! But - the rest of the trip will be well worth it - it does suck that traveling is the pits.

Alright, must go shut down my computer, (I don't want to leave it on for 2 weeks) and hop into a quick but nice shower, and then wait for my parents to pick us up to take us to the airport!

And with that - floating on cloud number 9 because everything in life seems to be working out lately - I wish you a good two weeks (I should be able to blog - I don't know about posting pictures - but blogging and checking email will definitely be accessible to me).... so keep in touch - and enjoy!

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