Saturday, September 23, 2006

18 Hours of Travel

Today was a really long day. We’ve been up since 6 am, Italian Time Zone, and we’ve been travelling for the last 18 hours. I don’t recommend it, even though I LOVE to travel. Travelling pregnant - that’s a whole other story.

The drive to the airport was an hour long. We got our luggage on pier side at around 7:10 am. 7:20 am the bus was loaded up and we were ready to go. People had colour codes to leave the boat - so that everyone made their flights on time. It was a good thing we left this early - it was a mad house at the airport.

When we got to the airport, there was an hour and a half wait just to check in and check our lugguage. To get through security, that didn’t take very long at all - maybe 15 minutes or so - and of course I got stopped - the woman thought that I had food in my bag - when it was actually YARN! She thought I had apples or something - since my balls resembled that shape. We both got a good laugh out of it - me and the girl at security - I think she felt more stupid than anything. I guess she’s not a knitter!

The first flight was super short, only about an hour and a half ish, maybe just a little longer, we flew from Rome to Munich, Germany. Had I known that liquids were ONLY banned to those traveling to the USA/UK/Israel - I would have brought back wine from Italy…. that’s for sure… but I didn’t know that liquids were actually ALLOWED for European travellers as well as passengers travelling Europe to Canada. I was very upset upon knowing this. I would have loved to of brought back some wine for when I’m done breastfeeding and can enjoy red wine again!
The wait between flights seamed pretty long, but we ended up going for a very expensive lunch, (didn’t have euros on us and their credit card machine apparently didn’t work anymore, so we had to use US cash, which was a rip off to us at the airport - but what choice did we have? We were hungry, you know?)

The second flight…. boy that was long. It was long being pregnant - but I am sure I would have felt the exact same way had I not been pregnant. 8 and a half hour flight, from Munich to home, and the sun never setting. When we landed at home, it was 5:30pm EST, and for us - it was 11:30pm Italy time. We were both zonked by the time we got in. Still am zonked. As soon as I am done this post - I’m off to bed. J & I are going to put on the hockey game (GO HABS GO) on the tv in the bedroom - and probably pass out!

On the flight, J & I watched one movie after another, to try and pass the time more quickly. First we watched the movie Hostel - which is one seriously messed up movie. If you didn’t like the movie Saw or Saw II - then I definitely don’t recommend this movie to you. If you like gore - then by all means - enjoy! The second movie we watched - finally - was Million Dollar Baby. Now we know why this movie won all the awards that it did. It was just a fantastic movie - and a fantastic LONG movie to watch on a plane to kill a lot of time! Then…. since we had just seen two really heavy movies, we decided to watch something a little lighter, so we picked out Man of the House - which I happened to bring with. A little dumb, but a little entertaining - so that was great. Those movies, defeinitely helped pass the time on board a LOT faster, let me tell you. And my hubby - who is generally not that pleasing to travel with (he likes getting to and being at the destination - but the actual travel time makes him grumpy and he doesn’t want to be talked to, etc…) but he was actually - ODDLY - in a really good mood almost the entire time - which made me have to be in a good mood, because I just kind of wanted to be left alone, and had enough room to sleep - which I didn’t… my back was killing me, my legs killing me (I made sure to get up enough on the plane - to go to the bathroom and stretch - because doctor’s orders - I didn’t want any blood clot problems, or anything else that can happen to pregnant women who sit too long on flights)…

Alright. Bed time. I can’t believe it’s not even 8 pm here, and I want my pillow. Then again 8pm for me is 2 am in Europe… so yeah - I want my bed! (Mmm, douvet here I come!)

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