Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Gift From Heaven?

I swear to god - I am the luckiest and the happiest person alive. I FOUND NEW TENANTS! They will move in Saturday. Wow - wow - wow - wow. Basically, here's what happened to them:

A lovely lady, my new tenant - Ms. C. with her 13 year old daughter and her 85 year old mother. Now... the fantastic thing about this is (fantastic for me that is) the fact that they moved from one end of Montreal (just off the island) to the west for September 1st. A few days later - they were flooded out of their place, and were desperate to find somewhere to live. They've been living out of boxes still in one room that didn't get bad damage - so they started looking like crazy. Anyhow, this is good for me, I need tenants bad - they need a place to live bad - and this all works out in the end for me and for them!

I met up with her this morning, and signed a lease. I couldn't get in touch with her previous landlord at the time (not the place she's been living in for a week, but the place before that) and trusted to sign the lease - (probably not a good thing on my part) but her current lease she was actually paying more than what my lease is for, so that was fantastic. At least I know she was willing to pay more for her other place that she got flooded out of.

This evening, however, I got in touch with her previous landlord, and got the a-okay that she's always paid rent on time, etc... and not a bad word out of her mouth - the small chance I took this morning with signing a lease without checking references - was a risk on my part - but it looks a-okay now, and I am sure anyone is better than the tenants I'm about to kick out (whom have never actually moved in.... and when she told me that she "started moving stuff in and decided she will keep the place - there wasn't actually anything moved in more than her matress on the floor and tv/vcr that are also on the floor that have been sitting there since she's pretty much had keys to the apartment).

So now - I have tenants - a gift from heaven I think - and my father in law is going to meet my new tenants on Saturday (we leave tomorrow night) with the keys.....

Now... about those keys.... I need to now chase down my tenants who still have the keys - get both sets of keys back from her - as well as cancel legally the current lease she has with me. Annoyance - yes - a bit much - but what can I do? I need to get this done, and it's going to be fun. I apparently can't legally change the locks on my place until the lease is cancelled - and I need my now "old" tenant to sign that the lease is cancelled - so that my new tenants can move in. I have less than 24 hours until I leave for Europe. This seems like it's going to be quite the nightmare.

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