Friday, September 29, 2006

European Yarn

Today, I finally have pictures of my yarn purchase from Italy & Spain. So here they are to show.

First, I have this yarn that I got in Cadiz, Spain on Day 8 of the trip. I had seen a few yarn shops in other countries and places previous, but this is the first yarn that I decided that I wanted to buy!

The information for this yarn is as follows: New Oso Blanco Merino, Color 210, and it's 100% Lana Merino Extrafina. Each ball is 50g and 137 yards.

Ohhh - but there is more! I found yarn that I had to buy while in Firenze (Florence), Italy, on Day 14 of our trip. This was from the shop that Jamie made friends with the owner and chatted with her while I checked out all the yarn. Touched, fondled the yarn... Mmmm - that was fun!

So yes - another batch of PINK yarn. Can you tell I like pink?? LOL. Seriously. I love love love it! So the info on this yarn is as follows: Felis Trends Art. LS, Color 18, 100% Lana (Wool), 50g ball and I think it's only 50m long (if possible?) not sure what mt. 50 ca. means on the tag right under the weight - could be meters?

So this is my lovely yarn. I love it. The yarn from Cadiz, I'm thinking about possibly a hat and mittens to match - and for the variegated yarn from Firenze, I'm thinking a bag - possibly felted - we'll see. I got enough of the variegated to make a fairly nice size bag - according to the shop keeper.

Now - with the exchange rate from Euros to Canadian Dollars it was NOT worth it for me to buy this yarn - a rip off - basically... BUT - because the yarn is from Italy & Spain - to me - it was worth it - because I'll have a memory of a) making the item and b) knowing where I brought the yarn back from.... but - cost wise - NOT worth it at all - unfortunately.... I put it on my visa - both purchases - so I was charged the amount, plus the exchange, and then the credit card charges 3% on top of that for using their card in a foreign country.... ain't that lovely? But.... I couldn't come back empty handed - right?

Ok, my sister-in-law should be here shortly with my nephew, as well as our usual Friday night poker gang for our Friday Night Poker game - can't wait!!! I am ready to play - as I've been practicing and doing well on the cruise - I'm ready to win some money! LOL

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