Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 5: At Sea

I forgot to mention yesterday that I got two whacks from the baby in my stomach. Every day now, I feel him more and more, and yesterday, I don’t know what it was…. but he was very active and twice, I got a “whack!” It literally threw me down both times. I am glad that he is active!

What else? I tried duck tonight at lunch. J told me I’d like it… and to try something, and he wouldn’t tell me what it was… well, I liked it, and it was duck!

Today, we slept in past 11 am, and that was fantastic because we stayed up pretty late last night in the casino, J has been playing poker (texas hold’em).

I played in a slot tournament today, but didn’t win anything. It was actually the wildcard draw for one of the slots in the final game that ended up winning 500$. Oh well, maybe next time. I also played some bingo today, and that was fun. Some woman from Quebec City cleaned up pretty good, winning 2 of the prizes….. totalling also more than 500$.

Tonight was formal night on the ship, but J & I took it very semi-formal. Being almost 6 months pregnant, my wardrobe is VERY limited, and we figured we’d save my dress for the final formal night next week.

Tonight for dinner I had lobster, and boy was it FANTASTIC.
I’m enjoying not cooking and not cleaning! I love room service and being treated like the way we are.

I’ve been eating New York Cheese Cake every night for desert after dinner. Oh - so - fab!
Tonight I sat down at poker with 40$ (texas hold’em) and won two really big hands, but in the end, walked away 25$ on top of my original 40$. I like the people that are the texas hold’em players, and we see them daily.

They’re predicting really huge waves, so I think I’m going to head up to bed.

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